A Volga Girl's
held Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Our Women's Banquets are a great way to let your special someone know that you care, and are held three times per year: around March 8th to celebrate International Women's Day, a summer banquet, and a banquet in December to celebrate New Year's.




Summer banquets are always an exciting event for those ladies in attendance. Our 2004 Summer Women's Banquet was also attended by two American visitors along with their "special dates."

Whenever possible, we ask that our banquet tables are arranged "in the round." This allows everyone at the table to engage iin easy conversation. Yes, that is a man at the table with all of those women. Jason was visiting from Florida and was attending the banquet with a lady with whom he was in correspondence.

Elena was very pleased to attend this
banquet. She is expecting a visitor
within a few short weeks of this evening.



Olesia is always excited when receiving a letter from her fiance Jim. Within a few months she will be living with him in North Carolina.
Svetlana and Tatiana appear
to be having a great time.


A Volga Girl's Ludmila Semukhina
agrees that working in the office
has a few "fringe benefits."


Vasilisa (L) and Olga (R) are both quite serious about their relationships. Olga will soon reunite with her fiance Dan in sunny California.


Elena truly does appear
to be "the lady in red."




Svetlana looks forward to a visit in December from her friend Glenn in Pennsylvania.



It is not uncommon that for a man to invite a special lady to one of our banquets, and then mail a special gift to our Togliatti office. Here we see Olga receiving a special gift sent from the USA by her friend Jeff (Maryland).

The attendance of foreign (male) visitors is always a point of interest during our banquets. In the photos above we see Ben (California) and Tatiana.

A toast to all of the men corresponding with these lovely ladies...

It must be told that without the guidance, organization and assistance of Russian Office Manager Helen Bessonova (left) -- our Women's Banquets would not be possible. Thank you so much Helen!