Company founders Craig and Arina Rich were married in 1999. Since that time they have assisted hundred of men in their search for their Russian mail order bride.

Craig & Arina Rich
February 13, 1999


As the American founder and former owner of A Volga Girl, I married my beautiful young Russian wife as recently as February 13, 1999. At 43 years old and having been a lifelong single, I began my own marriage quest in Aug. of 1997 when I first discovered that there were numerous Russian bride sites as close as my internet connection. The purchase of 30+ addresses followed immediately thereafter, and I literally did nothing with them until approximately six months later. After quickly narrowing the field to 2 or 3women over the next few months, and following an unsuccessful trip to Ukraine to meet one of those women, I quickly rebounded and in the same summer of 1998, I spent two weeks with my then-future-wife Arina touring the Czech Republic.



"Throughout this entire period, not withstanding all of the anxieties, trials, & tribulations of the fiancée-visa process, & including the first year of marriage to my Russian wife, I learned much about what I refer to as "the Russian bride learning curve." I suggest to all A Volga Girl visitors that the trials of my experiences, both financially and emotionally, can serve to benefit both prospective customers and ongoing clients alike. Twenty-four years of independent business experience does also factor into this mix."

The Russian girls profiled at A Volga Girl are seeking stability in a relationship with an American or other western-oriented man.

"Free services" for male clients as advertised on numerous competing site's equates to fees paid by the ladies on the other end. We suggest that if a man is truly serious in his intentions to find a Russian bride, he should fully-subsidize all of her correspondence requirements & show good faith in the relationship-building process. Russia is a poor country, and most all of the girls cannot afford, without measurable financial hardship, to pay the costs of either frequent e-mails or foreign language translations.

Use of our web site can allow our customers to send and receive email correspondence with great ease. Finding your Russian wife has never been easier.


Both our US & Russian offices serve both male and female clients 6-days totaling 53-hours per week. We are fully equipped with the latest high technology computer & graphics equipment, supported by a host of peripherals that come with all the "bells & whistles". Scanners, color printers, compact disc writers & recorders, professional-quality digital video cameras, & sound editing equipment.



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