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Dear Helen,

Thank you so much for being available to gentlemen such as myself who are curious beyond imagination, and have many questions. I am writing because I am very seriously considering looking for a Russian bride through your service. My concern is this: I am in the U.S. military and will possibly soon be stationed in Germany. I have to ask though before I begin my search, are the ladies there willing to consider a soldier as a husband, and a life as a "military wife?"

I ask this because it is VERY important to me that any woman I seriously consider, would have to know up front that being a soldier is my life and at times there are some serious sacrifices that have to be made to live in the military life. I also would need to know that the Russian women I will be looking at will be of the highest integrity and trustworthy. Part of a soldiers life is occasional time away from his family... sometimes up to a twelve or more months at a time... infidelity of course, is a huge concern of mine. I do not want to put my money, time, effort, and most importantly my HEART into a special and lovely woman there, and find out that she would not have the same loyalty and sincerity as I.

I hope that you understand what I am trying to say Helen. My search for a wife here in the U.S. has been very unsuccessful and disappointing. Women here want everything from a man, while not being expected to give much back in return. I simply want a wife who loves me UNCONDITIONALLY as I would her, and to be there for me in the tough time as well as the easy times. The life of a soldier is, at times, a very tough way of life... but it is also very rewarding most all of the time! I need a good hearted woman with strong values, morals, and beliefs, but mostly a big heart and trustworthiness. Will any of the women there be willing to be with a soldier who would love them endlessly with all his heart, even though there may be times she has to be alone and without him while he is fighting in some far away place?

I hope to hear from you soon Helen. I hope the deep passion of my heart came through in this letter. I am so desperately ready for rewarding relationship with a sincere lady who desires to take care of her man just as much as he does her.

Thank you for your time, and I look forward to your response!

Christopher, Michigan





Hello Christopher!

Thank you for addressing me. I appreciate your honesty and sincerity which sound in your letter.

I will try to answer your question to the best of my possibility and knowledge.

As you realize, there are very many soldiers/military officers here, in Russia, as well. They definitely have their wives. Here life of military people can be really tough (they can be underpaid, meet housing problems, etc.). Still there are ladies who take up that responsibility of being a soldier's wife.

On the other hand, as far as I know, US soldiers have better living conditions than Russian ones (in general), the US government takes care of their army.

As it seems to me, if you do make up your mind to contact ladies through our site, you should, in your very first letter, give more details about your soldier's life (many ladies would not realize that there can be a difference between being a soldier of Russia and being a soldier of the USA): what kind of tough things you mean? How often you may be away from home? For how long? What can your wife (from another country, from Russia) be engaged with while you are away? Can she actually travel with you and share your life over there, in the places you may have to be stationed? What kind of sacrifices you mention here? In what sense is the life of a soldier can be rewarding?

There are certainly some advantages, too, in being a soldier – so talk about them to ladies, as well. Give examples.

Give objective and concrete "pluses" and "minuses" so that the lady would understand (and probably would have more questions to ask you) that being with you, a soldier, would demand devotion from her – but can be rewarding as well.

Also, state (like you stated in this letter to me) that being a soldier is your life.

Overall, as I believe, your first letter should be open and detailed (as detailed as possible - "coming to the point") – thus, you provide ladies with concrete information (and food for thought) from the very beginning. Ask her if she really feels she can and will be willing to lead this kind of life.

As for your quest for a really decent lady, I understand you very well here, but unfortunately, I cannot say anything in particular right now, meaning I cannot pick up, let's say, 5 or 10 ladies and let you know that they are decent ones. Correspondence is your first step here. Later on, when/if ladies come to the office to pick up your letters for them and bring theirs for you, I could probably get some idea about the ladies.

There is one thing I know for sure – it is possible to find / meet good people in any corner of the world – as well as bad ones.

I hope I managed to help you, at least a little bit.

Thank you very much, and I wish you good luck in your search for your special one



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