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Dear Helen,

I became a member of the Volgagirl web site two weeks ago. Since that time I have sent out about 15 introduction letters and have only had 3 ladies willing to answer me back. What am I doing wrong? I am new to all of this and would really appreciate your opinions.

William, Kentucky


Hello William,

Thank you for addressing me with your question.

I hope that you do not mind that I reviewed your account in order to come up with a few suggestions that I believe will help you.

Your letter of introduction was too brief. It was only comprised of a few sentences. Most of the ladies registered with our company are not that familiar with American and other foreign men, and the cultures of their countries. When a man sends a very short first letter, he is not (if you do not mind me saying it) revealing anything about himself that would better allow a lady to make a more informed decision.

On the web site we provide our clients with a sample letter of introduction that has proven more successful when used. The idea is to share more about yourself and your life, and in this manner many ladies will respond the same way. Our company has a policy that we will issue you new address and email credits for all ladies that decline your invitation to correspond. You can then send your same first letter without having to pay once again to translate the letter to Russian, if this is necessary.

You also did not have photos of yourself uploaded to your account on the web site. If a lady lives in Togliatti, where our office is located, we can show her your photos when she comes to receive your first letter. In my opinion, a review of your photos can greatly improve your response rate. The photos do not have to be made by a photographer. It is simply important for anyone to be able to see what you look like.

I believe your efforts should be focused upon find three or four ladies to correspond with so you can travel to Togliatti after a few months to get to know them better in person.

I do hope that these suggestions will help you. You can always direct questions to Craig in our New Jersey office. Sometimes getting two opinions helps one get the right idea.



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