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I have a question about a Woman who wants to take a man shopping in the first 2 or 3 days of getting to know each other. I am quite happy to provide some romantic gifts like flowers, cards, perfume, take her to restaurants of reasonable price etc. But it seems like a red flag to me if she shows me things in stores and tells me she does not have one of these or those. It makes me feel she is not interested in me but wants to get money out of me. It makes me feel she does not want to establish a relationship and will be discarding me in a few days. I assume this is a gray area and not black or white.

Can you tell me the mind set for this common with Russian Women?

From Doug in Calgary, Canada


Hello Douglas,

It sounds to me as if you are referring to some past experience you have had when attending one the of group tours offered by companies that specialize in introducing you to hundreds of strange women with whom you have had no previous contact whatsoever.

When you attend dates/tours of this kind, and there are a number of ladies over there and you choose them, and the ladies see you for the first time… most probably they feel like "goods", they do not know if you will choose them or not, and even though you may choose them, they do not know if it is a serious thing or just for some time…they do not care about you and, most probably, they just try to take advantageof you and get the most of the time they will spend with you.

When you first develop your relationship with a lady through correspondence, usually you two start to care about each other and the situation that you have described in your email rarely will happen. My answer to this is, "No, this is not a common mindset among Russian women."

This is my impression. I may be wrong, as I have never been really familiar with the situations confronting men who, along with thirty or fourty others, takes one of the group tours.

I hope this has helped.
Thank you for the interest in our site.




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