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Hello Helen,

I notice that some of your information page postings date back as much as five years, sometimes showing no address purchases and no correspondence in that time. Should these older posts still be considered viable for approach regarding correspondence? I guess, in essence, I'm wondering how many of these are in fact obsolete and if an effort is made to keep the list culled to contactable women. One of the postings I have an interest in dates back to October of 2000 and since I nearly have myself convinced to purchase a list of addresses that would include this one as well as some newer but still dated postings, I hope you can give me some information on the wisdom of doing so. Thank you!



Hello Richard!

We do every effort to keep an eye on the listings on our site. Not so long ago we conducted a "re-registration" project, when we contacted ladies who got registered with the agency quite a while ago, asking them to confirm that they are still available and interested, and urging them to post new photos.

Of course, it is not improbable that we may have missed somebody, plus there can be some life situations when we call and a lady is available, while after a couple of months we may learn that she is getting married/ moved away to another place to work or to study without letting us know her new address.

I suggest you send the same introduction letter to a number of ladies. You will see who will reply to you. You will be issued additional addresses and email credits at no additional charge for the addresses of the ladies who may happen to be unavailable.




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