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Dear Helen,

I'm new at this russian women thing and have been corresponding with this russian girl from Novosibirsk. We have been emailing for about 8 months. I would love for her to come stay with me.My question is, "Do I send her money to get here, and if I do will she be able to come?" She says she just needs about $1000 dollars and she will get her visa and ticket to come . Do you think this is a scam or should Ido it. Im comfused and came across your web sight in hopes of finding out a little more before I did this.

Please give me some asvise on this suject , thank you for your kindness.

Henry, Utah


Hello Henry!

Thank you for addressing me.

There is no way the lady can simply "purchase a visa". The fact is the US government does not issue visitor or tourist visas to Russian ladies (and these ladies most likely know that). If you live in the USA or Canada (Australia, New Zealand, etc.), there is no way she can come to visit on a tourist visa. Under no circumstance can that happen. Russian women are not granted visitor or tourist visas.

For example, the US laws say that you must meet her anywhere outside the USA before you can sponsor her on a K-1 Visa, which will allow the both of you to spend 90 days together within which to decide if you will get married. She does not have to marry you (or you do not have to marry her) right away, though if things work out well for the two of you, nothing can prevent you from getting married over there in your country, if she traveled to you on fiancée visa. If you are not married on Day-90, she must return to Russia.

Why not have you as a guest at her town/city? If you suggest you travel to her city, and she starts trying to bring you over (while if she was serious, she should be quite encouraged by your desire to visit her), making up reasons for not inviting you to her place, you can treat it as a red flag. Other possible red flags: When you are in her city, she does not invite you to her home, does not introduce you to her family and friends, does not take you for a walk to show you around the city (because, as she explains, it is not safe as you are a foreigner, while most probably she is just afraid that her friends/ acquaintances/boyfriend (??) will see you and her together).

To avoid getting scammed, you should address a reputable agency with several years' experience which will be a sort of mediator between you and the ladies, and which will be able to protect you from gold-diggers.




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