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Dear Helen,

I am looking for a Russian lady who is a bit tall but not fat, has a good figure and a ready smile. She must either be educated or else self-taught and well-read. I prefer someone with a scientific turn of mind, and I like a woman who enjoys using her voice to sing. Oops, am I already asking for too much? I need somebody who speaks English, but if she can't speak English and I can't speak Russian at least we could never argue.

Please let me know if you know of such a woman who might be interested in coming to Hawaii. It is hot here, but I live in the mountains where she would be cool even if we never have any snow.


Chaumont, Hawaii

Hello Chaumont,

Among the search criteria that our engine allows is to search by age (as well as the preference for no children, height, level of English, etc.). You could go through the results of the search and then pick up a number of ladies who would seem most appealing to you. Then you could comprise a good introduction letter that can be sent to a number of ladies.

Please be mindful that our levels "4" and "5" are fluent in English. The rest of the ladies will require that letters be translated to and from English. Each lady's level of English proficiency is shown on their profile page.

If you send the an identical letter-of-introduction (with a translation) to all of the ladies you choose, you will only pay like for the translation of the first letter sentr. It would also be great if you would send a nice photo of yourself along with the letter, as a photo is always helpful and always draws ladies' attention. If in fact a lady sees your photo and reads your letter of introduction, and expresses that she is not interested in corresponding with you, or she does not answer at all -- the company issues you an additional address and email credit at no additional charge.

You may also find the following link helpful when comprising your letter-of-introduction:

I hope this has helped. Please feel free to ask questions anytime. Thanks so much for your interest in our site.




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