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Dear Helen,

I understand that you offer a language translation service, but when you are together with your lady one-on-one it would seem difficult to communicate. Are many Russian women who are seeking companionship willing to relocate to be with their man? Are men who find Russian women on A Volga Girl expected to travel to Russia initially to meet with their ladies? Is it almost impossible to get a US or Canadadian tourist visa for a young, unmarried Russian women?

I am also curious to know why women in Samara\Togliatti (Russian women) look for foreign men to marry ? Why do they not marry men from their own city\ country etc? With meeting a foreign man there would be a difficult language barriers. I am not knocking it, but rather I am seeking knowledge to understand it better.

Thank you in advance,

Joe, Canada

Hello Joe,

You know, it is a worldwide known fact that most Russian women have very strong family values. The majority of Russian women prefer to take care of their husband, kids and family, than to pursue their career. It is in the nature of the most part of Russian women to dream of getting married, of having kids and of taking care of their home and family. Most Russian men,
unfortunately, do not care much for having a family. They would prefer to be independent and to make money. Plus, there are too many drug- and alcohol-addicted men here. Besides, there is a common opinion here that there are more opportunities abroad, and life, in general, is more stable there.

I believe, the majority of women who address such marriage agencies are looking for stability in a relationship, including financial stability. I cannot conceal that here in Russia most ladies feel insecure, do not know what to expect in the future, and are just overloaded with housework and everyday worries and cares about children. Naturally, they want more stability and a life which will be at least a little easier than they have here. Speaking about the language barrier, I can say that this kind of problem is something which is possible to deal with.

The Volgagirl agency provides private English lessons to its ladies-clients. We have many gentlemen ? our customers ? who order English lessons for their ladies. It is a good opportunity for a woman to improve her speaking skills before moving to another country and marrying a foreigner. If a lady is serious and goal-oriented, she can learn the language.

If you are referring to the problem of a language barrier during the correspondence period, we can easily solve that problem. We translate your letters from English into Russian and letters of ladies from Russian into English. We do not use any translation software, so we guarantee the absolute accuracy of our translations.

I would also like to say that we informevery lady who registers within our agency that in the future she may possibly move to another country, to the country of her probable future husband. There are some ladies who would ask if there were any cases when a foreign man would move here. Our agency has not had such practice.

I think I would be right if I say that the overwhelming majority of ladies ARE planning and would LIKE to move to another country to marry a decent reliable man. Ladies can have problems here, and can be happy here, because this is the place where they were born and they know the ways here, traditions, customs, etc. But they all miss a reliable man in their life, as living alone for an average woman in Russia is a pretty tough task. It is natural if a lady would feel homesick. It is your "job" to do it so that she feels comfortable at your place and to overcome possible difficulties together. Besides, there may be an opportunity for her, or for you together, to travel to her country once or twice a year? Let her know about it then!

There is no way the lady can simply "purchase a visa". If you live in the USA or Canada, there is no way she can come to visit on a tourist visa. Under no circumstance can that happen. Russian women are not granted visitor or tourist visas. For example, the US laws say that you must meet her anywhere outside the USA before you can sponsor her on a K-1 Visa, which will allow the both of you to spend 90 days together within which to decide if you will get married. She does not have to marry you (or you do not have to marry her) right away, though if things work out well for the two of you, nothing can prevent you from getting married over there in your country, if she traveled to you on fiancée visa.
If you are not married on Day-90, she must return to Russia.

Besides, the majority of ladies would be afraid to travel to a place they do not know, to a man they have never met in person before. They feel more comfortable if a man travels here, to Russia. Like you may have your prejudice and negative ideas about Russia, ladies here can have their fears about "men abroad".


If it is Togliatti, then gentlemen and ladies have us, the Volgagirl agency, here to address for any sort of help if needs so, while in any other place there will be just you and she – you will have to act on your own, to try to overcome the language barrier on your own. It is good if both of you take things easy and do not get upset or frustrated because of misunderstanding (or, maybe, even sometimes total incomprehension). While I know a couple who broke up because they did not speak each other's languages, but tried to do without an interpreter/ translator from the very beginning. Some misunderstanding, which was a natural result of their "no-translator" communication, absolutely frustrated him and he withdrew into himself, making no efforts to talk to her, which, in its turn, perplexed and hurt her.

Having an interpreter/ translator, at least for the first few days of your in-person meeting, can be of crucial importance to establish an easy comfortable relationship, to take away any sort of constraint or shyness which may be registered at first (as a general trait, Russians can be more reserved than people of Western culture). Having an interpreter / translator would allow you to talk nearly about anything, while the language barrier would inevitably limit the range of topics you two can discuss. We suggest to our clients that do visit Togliatti to alternate between using an interpreter for some hours, and then spending some hours with the same lady without the interpreter. Communication at your own levels of intellect is very important, but spedning time along to get a sense of the emotional chemistry between you is also important as well.

I hope you would find my answer complete, if not, feel free to ask me more detailed questions.



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