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Older Men And Younger Russian Women

Hi Helen,

I was wondering one thing about Russian women that I figured a Russian woman such as yourself answer.

Is it normal in Russian culture for Russian women to seek a mate that could be in excess of 20 years her senior? Maybe I'm thinking with an American mentality, but somehow this doesn't seem right.


Greg, Ohio

Hello Greg

Thank you for addressing me.

While I will start by saying that it is probably a traditional worldwide that most couples have only a small age difference, this can be attributed to the fact that many couples marry when they are young. Yet in Europe especially, younger women have married older men for centuries. The thinking here is that the older man is more economically and emotionally established than a younger man.

We should take into consideration the fact that due to a much better standard of living in the USA and other 1st-World countries -- people stay healthy, energetic, and strong for a much longer period of time than people in general in Russia.. A 50-year-old American man and a 50-year-old Russian man can show great differences.

I hope this has helped, and thank you for the interest in our site.

Yours Truly,


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