New Visitor Accommodations
One Bedroom Apartment
Available Now!


For a number of years many of our clients have asked if the company can accommodate them with an apartment (flat) while visiting Togliatti. At this time we are pleased to announce that beginning in May 2004, a completely renovated apartment is available upon request to established A Volga Girl clients.

While "renovation" is a relative term, this one-bedroom, 4th floor apartment is located in an elevator building, on the same street and one block down from our Togliatti office. The flat has brand-new: windows, lighting fixtures, radiators, inner wooden and outer steel doors (2), floors, walls, bathroom and kitchen cabinets, appliances and fixtures, and all furniture. The flat is air-conditioned, receives English language cable televisions channels, and has a DVD player, and a stereo system. The kitchen is fully equipped for cooking, including a microwave convection oven. A small washer/dryer isl also located within the flat.

Below for your review and consideration, we offer some "in progress" photos tracing the renovations that began in late December 2003, and was completed in February 2004.

Lodging prices in Togliatti have risen approximately 25% over the past year. Future visitors can examine the current local hotel pricing structure, and then consider this newer and Western decorated apartment as a viable option rental-priced of $69.50 per night.


The building housing the flat is 10 years old. Standard in the construction of which was wooden framed windows (pictured here). The cold-air drafts through such windows require that plastic-framed (acrylic), thermal pane insulated windows be installed throughout.

The original radiator system (pictured here) is also inadequate to provide consistent heating during Togliatti's enduring winters.



A larger and more technically advanced radiator system will provide more than adequate winter heat.

The water in Togliatti (and in most Russian municipalities) is controlled by the town. The ability to heat through radiators begins on November 1, and ceases sometime in March (regardless of the outside temperature.

Fortunately, the air conditioning system this apartment can also provide heat during the heating transition periods in question


In order for linoleum floors to keep from cracking, it is necessary that all floors must be completely leveled in advance.

Aside from the walls being completely re-plastered, we see here that new concrete has been applied to insure the integrity of the soon-to-be-installed flooring.


This photo once again captures the bedroom (seen above), though after it has been stylishly wallpapered with imported (from the USA) grass cloth

It is an interesting fact that the contracting firm conducting this complete renovation is run by two Russian ladies who are quite skilled in plastering, painting, wallpapering, laying tile and flooring.



Here we can (barely) see new wallpaper in the living room, and the door/window ensemble that leads to the enclosed outside porch.


Kitchen tile first, painting and cabinets thereafter.


As far as security is concerned, there are two (2) steel doors protecting a solid wood door that provides entrance into the flat.





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