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Natalia is a 30 year old Russian girl who has registered with mail order bride agency A Volga Girl in the hopes of receiving email correspondence from you. Natalia 4323

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Age: 30
Birthday: May 31st, 1985
Height: 5'8" (172 cm)
Weight: 136 (61 kg)
Eye Color: Hazel.
Form: 45/28/39
Language: English - 4 Italian 1
Status: Single.
Children: No.  
Profession: Economist
School: University.
Smoker: No.
Religion: Orthodox Christian
Posted: 2-26-2012
Residence: Togliatti

Address Purchased: 1 times   |   Last letter exchanged: 03-2012

About myself

My friends say I am a tender girl who has a big heart and is open and you can always count on me in hard times. I am very positive about life, often smile, I love jokes, and would never marry someone who is pessimistic. I am feminine, hardworking, active and value kind-hearted open people. In a relationship I am a very caring partner, faithful, honest, loving and passionate. I have lots of hobbies (sports, languages, music) and always strive to be better. I hold traditional family values and my future family will mean a lot to me, like my current family does.  Hobbies: I absolutely love music, I play the piano, and in my free time I sing at events in my city together with my friends who are musicians. I enjoy outdoors, and love animals. I spend free time with my friends or family, and often play chess with my dad on a quiet evening. I also like an active lifestyle: skating, swimming, bowling. Also, I am a real big fan of theater and opera.  In future I would like to get a second university degree to have more opportunities and interests. Also, I plan to travel around Europe, and possibly to learn another language, or to work more on my Italian. Also, I plan to find my perfect match, to build my own family and to move to another country.

About my future partner

31-45. Because I like to put emphasis on my being feminine I like to wear high heels. That\\\'s why my partner\\\'s height matters that much to me, while as for everything else –what\\\'s inside is what matters. So, I am looking for someone taller than me, who is positive about life and has a charismatic smile. It is very important to me that my man be a kind and caring partner, able to be in a long-term honest relationship, and place a great value on his future family. Does not smoke.

Gift Shoppe

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Premium Dinner $120.00
Premium Dinner w/wine $175.00

Tickets to a local cinema/movie theater
  $10 for one person (cheaper seats)
$14 for one person (seats in the center/ 3D film)
  $11 for one person
Passes to an ice skating rink
  $10 for one person
(1 hour, the rent of skates included)

Long-Stemmed Roses

Imported from Ecuador
Color Selections: Red   Yellow   Pink   Mixed 
8.95 One   39.05 Five   65.25 Nine   87.95 Thirteen
Assorted Floral Bouquets

1 Lily 13.75     2 planted Chrysanthemum stems 21.95
Lilies of the Incas & Chrysanthemums 35.50 
4 Gerberas & 3 Chrysanthemum stems 39.50
3 Jumbo Chrysanthemums & 1 Lily 35.50
3 Chrysanthemum stems & 7 Dutch Roses 52.50

1 Planted Orchid 49.90

Assorted Floral Bouquets
Pink & White Idyll 39.50 Floral Mini-Arrangement 24.50
Purple Passion 54.50 Florals In Glassware 20.35
Floral Mini-Arrangement With Roses 29.15

  Assorted Fruit & Nut Basket 28.00

Chocolate Candy
A.KORKUNOV 190 grams 11.90

Ptichye Volshebstvo 250 grams 9.00
Rossia Collection  280 gram 15.00
Skazki Lesa   280 grams 12.65
Rodnye Prostotory  278 grams 11.85 172 grams 8.25
Nestle Classic Collection 307 grams 12.65 177 grams 9.50
Merci chocolates 250 grams 12.30
Raffaello 150 grams 11.00
Amour Esfero Crema Chocolate 250 grams 11.05


Basilur Gift Tea Set "Tea Book" 16.00


Russian Champagne 16.25
Please specify:    Semi-Dry   Sweet

Russian Vodka "White Lady" 13.75
Fine Domestic Red Wine 13.75

  Assorted Stuffed Animals
67.00 X-large 35.25 large 28.05 medium   22.55 small
Available are greeting cards for any occasion.
Translation of your sentiments in the card is for free.
Card samples 3.95

One 30-min Classic massage w/ taxi 43.45
One full-hour Classic massage w/ taxi 60.00
Haircutting or SPA care for hair 54.55
Manicure or SPA care for nails and/or Hand Massage 36.55
Spa Capsule w/ taxi 43.45
Golden Gift Certificate 199.50

  Ladies Manicure Set    64.90


L'Etoile gift certificates
31.90 62.70 94.60
126.50 315.70
Russian Victoria's Secret - Florange gift certificates
Fashion jewelry gift certificates $26.70 $45


Prepaid Taxi Cards (City Of Togliatti Only)
26.95 / 5 ride units     41.25 / 10 ride units
54.45 / 15 ride units   87.95 / 25 ride units



Motorcycle 10.95
Utility Truck 12.25
Metal Car 13.75 Fire Engine with Crane 11.80
Toy Cell Phone 4.20 Radio Controlled Car 43.95
Freight Train Engine 14.10 Table Top Hockey 76.95
Scooter 43.95
JigSaw Puzzles
500 pieces 10.95 1000 pieces 16.50 2000 pieces 21.95



Ceramic Life-Like Dolls (smaller) 26.70
Ceramic Life-Like Dolls 32.95


Bookstore Gift Certificate 21.00 42.00

Leather-Bound Personal Information Diaries 14.60

Fine Writing Pens
Fine Writing Ballpoint   15.95  Fountain Pen & Pencil Set   17.60

  Photo Albums 16.45

Picture Frames
Glass picture frame (for 6"x4")   10.45
Silvery picture frame (for 4"x6")   13.75
In Wood (for 8" x10")    10.95

We are always happy to go the extra mile for you and go find a gift not listed in our Gift Shoppe: from balloons to a bike or DVD player. Surprise her!
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