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Natalya is a 46 year old Russian girl who has registered with mail order bride agency A Volga Girl in the hopes of receiving email correspondence from you. Natalya 4468

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Age: 46
Birthday: April 4th, 1972
Height: 5'8" (172 cm)
Weight: 122 (55 kg)
Eye Color: Green.
Form: 38/28/38
Language: English - 2.
Status: Single.
Children: Yes,  Son 25
Profession: Staff manager.
School: University.
Smoker: No.
Religion: Christian.
Posted: 10-4-2013
Re-Registered: 10-20-2014
Residence: Togliatti

Address Purchased: 4 times   |   Last letter exchanged: 05-2015

About myself

I am modest, shy, kind, responsible, trustful and loyal. I will smile when there are tears running down my face. It is not hard to upset me. I can lose my temper but I come back when I calm down. I dream often. I trust everyone. I do a lot of silly things. I do not like lies, betrayal, hypocrisy, misunderstanding and unwillingness to understand, mistrust and sneering. I am very sensitive, I need warmth, attention and understanding. You need patience to conquer me, attention to keep me and indifference to lose me. In spite of all the blows of circumstance, I enjoy life.  In my free time I enjoy reading, watching films, walking in the forest and in the city, traveling. Now I take dancing classes (bachata and salsa). I like to spend an evening with my friends at a quiet bar, a restaurant or a cafe, to have a cup of tea or coffee. Also I like to go shopping every now and then. :-)  I dream to be happy, to love and to be loved! I want to find a loyal and reliable life partner, to have a true and trusting relationship and to build a family with him.

About my future partner

Any age. He is a white male. He is open, friendly, with a kind sense of humor. He is true, reliable, caring, strong (both body and spirit), courageous, loyal (both physically and emotionally), tactful, kind, smart, optimistic, tall, fit, attractive, charming, passionate, tender, he is the best in everything. He is interested in everything about me and us. He is able to take care of me. He will not hurt me, will not raise a hand against me. He will not lie to me, will not betray me. If there is a problem, he will solve it instead of running away and leaving me on my own. I will feel comfortable and safe with him. Trust is the key here!!! Our relationship will be based on complete trust. I do not like rudeness, sarcasm, reproaches, being able to betray and to lie... He may be a foreigner or a Russian immigrant. This man will pull me out of the crowd, put me on his lap and say, “All right, baby, now you are mind and mine alone, and I do not care about your past, just about our present and our future...” I imagine our first date at a cafe or a walk in the part, when we can just chat. My marriage will be the consequence of my love for a man. My marriage will be the happiest. It will be a true, reliable, pure and positive relationship between my man and me. My role as a wife would be to love and to care for my husband, to do everything I can to make him happy by my side, so that he never has doubts about his choice. My husband\\\\\\\'s role would be similar: I want to be a beloved and happy wife, I want to be sure that he would never betray me...

Gift Shoppe

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1 Gerbera — USD 8.95 
Color Selections: Red Yellow Pink Orange

1 Orchid — USD 49.90 
1 Chrysanthemum — USD 8.95 
Color Selections: White Yellow Pink

1 Lily — USD 13.75
1 Rose — USD 8.95 
Color Selections: Red White Yellow Pink


1 Planted Orchid — USD 49.90 

Planted Chrysanthemums— USD 21.95 


Long-Stemmed Roses
Color Selections: Red   Yellow   Pink   White Mixed 
USD 39.05 Five Roses   USD 65.25 Nine Roses   USD 87.95 Thirteen Roses

Lilies of the Incas & Chrysanthemums — USD 35.50 
4 Gerberas & 3 Chrysanthemum stems — USD 39.50
3 Jumbo Chrysanthemums & 1 Lily — USD 35.50
3 Chrysanthemum stems & 7 Dutch Roses — USD 52.50
Pink & White Idyll — USD 39.50
Floral Mini-Arrangement — USD 24.50
Floral Mini-Arrangement With Roses — USD 29.15
Purple Passion — USD 54.50
Florals In Glassware — USD 20.35


Chocolate Bouquets
(please allow at least two business days for these handmade gifts to be ready)
Petite Bon Appetit — USD 17.15
Midsized Dainties — USD 17.15
Sweet Excess — USD 28.60

Assorted Fruit & Nut Basket — USD 28.00

Chocolate Candy

A.KORKUNOV 190 grams — USD 11.90
Ptichye Volshebstvo 250 grams — USD 9.00
Rossia Collection  280 grams — USD 15.00
Skazki Lesa 280 grams — USD 12.65
Rodnye Prostotory  278 grams — USD 11.85 172 grams — USD 8.25
Dove Promises 120 grams — USD 10.00
Comilfo 161 grams — USD 11.65
Merci chocolates 250 grams — USD 12.30
Raffaello 150 grams — USD 11.00
Basilur Gift Tea Set "Tea Book" — USD 16.00

Russian Champagne — USD 16.25
Please specify:    Semi-Dry   Sweet
Russian Vodka — USD 13.75
Fine Domestic Red Wine — USD 13.75

  Assorted Stuffed Animals
USD 67.00 X-large USD 35.25 large USD 28.05 medium   USD 22.55 small

Available are greeting cards for any occasion.
Translation of your sentiments in the card is for free.

Card samples
USD 3.95


Asahi SPA center
One 30-min Classic massage w/ taxi — USD 43.45
One full-hour Classic massage w/ taxi — USD 60.00
Haircutting or SPA care for hair — USD 54.55
Manicure or SPA care for nails and/or Hand Massage — USD 36.55
Spa Capsule w/ taxi — USD 43.45
Golden Gift Certificate — USD 199.50

L'Etoile gift certificates
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USD 31.90 USD 62.70 USD 94.60
USD 126.50 USD 315.70


Fashion jewelry gift certificates
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USD 26.70 USD 45.00

Russian Victoria's Secret - Florange gift certificates — USD 129.00
Ladies Manicure Set — USD 64.90

Bookstore Gift Certificate (If you want a more personalized gift, please email details to
USD 21.00 USD 42.00

Leather-Bound Personal Information Diaries — USD 14.60

Fine Writing Ballpoint  — USD 15.95

Photo Albums — USD 16.45

Picture Frames
Glass picture frame (for 6"x4") — USD 10.45
Silvery picture frame (for 4"x6") — USD 13.75
In Wood (for 8" x10") — USD 10.95

  Many of the Russian ladies profiled on A Volga Girl's web site have children of various ages. If you want a more personalized gift, please email details to . Otherwise, we offer a gift certificate to Begemot (Russian for Hippo), one of the biggest toy stores in Russia
USD 65.00 USD 45.00 USD 30.00 USD 20.00

Cheshire Cat Cafe
Gift Certificate 1 — USD 25.00
Gift Certificate 2 — USD 42.20
Gift Certificate 3 — USD 59.00

Orient Express restaurant
Premium Dinner — USD 120.00
Premium Dinner w/wine — USD 175.00

Tickets to a local cinema/movie theater
For one person (cheaper seats) — USD 10.00
For one person (seats in the center/ 3D film) — USD 14.00

Tickets to Local Hockey Game
For one person — USD 11.00

Passes to an ice skating rink
For one person (1 hour, the rent of skates included) — USD 10.00

We are always happy to go the extra mile for you and go find a gift not listed in our Gift Shoppe: our office personnel has procured items from balloons to a bike or a tablet, from a cook's uniform with a customized embroidery to candles with a ring, from paintings to customized frames for a photo of 'you two together'. Surprise her! (please email details to )

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