"How will she adjust coming to America without speaking fluent English?"




English As Second Language (ESL) classes are offered at most community colleges and other institutions of higher learning ...


While a number of language lesson options exist -- A Volga Girl offers some thoughts here that we believe can better facilitate your special lady learing English in a way that will best suit adjustment in a new culture. While still in Russia, we strongly suggest private English lessons. Once she has arrived in America (or other host country), we think that English As Second Language (ESL) classes are best suited toward overall adaptation and social adjustment.

A number of our clients have sought out "private tutors" as a way to enhance their lady's English skills once her Fiancee Visa has finally been proceesed and she has arrived in America. We are of the opinion that while the option of a private tutor/teacher is both convenient and in most cases more comfortable for a newly arrived spouse, it does her a disservice in the long-run, as it takes considerably longer to become fluent in English -- taking classes for only a few hours per week.

Consider that your new wife has come to a new culture with permanent-resident intentions. The faster that she can assimilate and blend into her new culture and surroundings, the easier it will be for her ongoing adjustment. Hiding in her new home and struggling to communicate with her new husband may be an essential need her new arrival; but should by any and all means proveonly a temporary situation.

We know of a number of the better-half of our couples who were characterized as "shy" by their new husbands. Such ladies wwre allowed NOT to begin English As Second Language Classes (ESL) locally. They did not feel comfortable mixing with other people, or felt somehow guilty having little proficiency in English. The undeniable fact is this: EVERYONE taking ESL classes begins with little proficiency in the English language. Students enrolled in these classes are native speakers of other languages. Chinese, Russian, Indian, Spanish ... and many languages in-between.

Quite possibly the husband did not fully recognize the importance of communicating how important enrolling in such classes would be ... and how his new wife would greatly benefit from taking such steps ... and as quickly as possible. Or maybe the new husband felt gratified that his wife was so isolated from most everyone but him ... and fostered such isolation and one-dimensional dependence without really realizing it as such.

Your new bride's ability to begin working at any employment position allows her to begin to get a feel for what Americans - and the specific culture of your immediate area - are like. Her ability to speak English has everything to do with just that.




Country College of Morris, located in Randolph, New Jersey, reflects a typical curriculum of English As Second Language Classes.


Listed below are beginning curriculums in Reading and Writing. The totoal time spent in the classroom between these two subjects is nine (9) hours per week. Quite different than than an hour or two of private tutoring per week.



The curriculum listed below appears to be for the second of the two-year ESL courses. Notice the class Principles of Sociology as the last class listed. Learning the English language is only the beginning of learning to understand the culture within which we live.








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