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May 25, 2000

Many clients are inquisitive about the standard of living in Russia, especially those gentlemen who have already made commitments to visit Togliatti. When they are not thinking about the ladies that they will soon visit, they often are pondering other aspects of Russian society .....

A Russian washing machine, circa 1980.The washing machine on the right is a new model in the year '2000

Here on the left we see a Russian-made washing machine (circa 1978) preparing to wash its' last load. When this electric canister was filled with soap & water and plugged-in, it would agitate clothing or other fabrics in an attempt to make them clean. After an undetermined amount of time, the contents would be rung in the bathtub and hung to line-dry in an enclosed porch area.

On the right we see the modern-day Russian-made replacement. Today the cost of this machine is around $450.00 US. With an average Russian salary of approximately $60.00 per month, most Russian consumers must work for 7.5 months or more to afford such a machine. The accrual of such disposable income is all but impossible for most working-class Russian families.


Dried salted fish is a very popular and tasty treat for many Russians.Many Americans fashion themselves to be an adventurous lot. Quite possibly traveling out of the USA for the first time, another way of anticipating their visit to Togliatti may be to indulge thoughts of eating cherished Russian delicacies. "When in Rome ... do as the Romans do."

Dried salted fish is a national Russian delicacy. Here this tasty treat is topped-off with a couple of Russian "cold ones." Not for the faint-of-heart ... this enticing snack will challenge the strongest of American sensibilities.


May 21, 2000

Some customer demographics: Our site has now received over 19,000 hits since our on-line debut February 29, 2000. Ironically, a mere 1.5% of those impressions spent enough time on our site to register a Username and Password, thus allowing themselves a demonstration of some of the hi-tech features that our unique multifunction database has to offer. Like bumblebees hovering near a flower (but failing to land).... possibly the majority or our visitors are simply unimpressed with the fact that volgagirl.com has yet to amass thousands of female registrants within our photo galleries. We do understand that more ladies equates to more potential partners, and our USA & Russian management teams will meet in Togliatti for three weeks in June-July and another two weeks in August for the anticipated launch of a multi-media advertising campaign aimed at dramatically increasing our marriage oriented female registrants in search of a like-minded potential foreign husband.

Over the past three month, we have had the pleasure of servicing clients from around the globe. As recently as the past month we have included links to a number of Russian-bride sites that have drawn both registered users and subsequent clients from the Netherlands, Australia, Saudi Arabia, and Denmark. volgagirl.com is virtually unknown among the search engines, and we are now working to improve that aspect of our marketing effort.

As a way of saying, "Thank you for exploring our site," a free 2-address package was provided to over 200 registered users last month. Since that time only a fraction of those potential clients have returned to choose the addresses of their choice. Our management team here in Boonton & in Togliatti do not quite understand why, but it is clear that the view-to-sales ratio in this industry is very low. We can best interpret this to reflect that many men may ascribe to the philosophy that "bigger is better," or that many potential western husbands are simply in the stage of pre-contemplation about joining the ranks of those who correspond in a more serious manner in search of a beautiful Russian bride. Some men have obviously chosen to correspond with some of the ladies through the regular postal system. The delivery rate for such letters is quite poor (maybe 60-80 percent), and takes weeks to arrive from American shores. We ask you why you would wish to choose a 2-3 week transmission time for such letters when for a standard fee of 3.10 for 2+ pages (package plans as low as 2.35) -- your intended recipient could have the message in her hands, translated if necessary, in as little as 3-4 hours?

Volgagirl.com is fortunate and grateful in that we have experienced some early loyalty among clients that are ages 43-52. A number of these men are seeking women from ages 27-42, and are utilizing almost every service that we have to offer. Within 90 days of our online debut -- 3 clients are soon planning to visit Togliatti to meet the ladies that they have frequently corresponded with over the past two, three, or four months. A fast turn-around time with correspondence translates to a larger window of opportunity for those who are seriously searching for a Russian bride. We wish these gentlemen all the best, add that will be with them throughout their foreign journey, and are confident that they can find what they are looking for. These men have approached their endeavor with an organized and solid plan. The results that they will reap are directly related to the concentrated efforts that they have sown. It's the time-honored adage, "You get what you put into it."

Consider The Concept

Having myself (volgagirl.com General Director Craig Jay Rich) taken a short ride on "The Russian-Bride-Learning-Curve"©, I can honestly say that there is a distinct advantage to corresponding with women who all reside in a centrally located area. Additionally, the opportunity to receive full-service support in assisting me with most all of my correspondence and travel needs is not only practical, but a hot combination the likes of which is extremely difficult find outside the overplayed American stomping-grounds in and around Moscow, St. Petersburg, Odessa & Kiev.

The ladies in Togliatti, Ulianovsk and Samara have yet to experience American men. There are very few Americans traveling to these cities to meet potential Russian brides. There have previously been no organized romance tours. The ladies that you will correspond with through volgagirl.com have not attended year-round weekly socials at any number of large tourist hotels; such is often the case in Moscow and St. Petersburg in Russia, and Kiev and Odessa in the Ukraine.

The cities of Togliatti, Ulianovsk, and Samara have a combined population of 2.75 million residents. Samara and Ulianovsk are within a 90-minute radius of Togliatti. The Volga region of central Russia is essentially untouched by neither western confluence or influence.


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February 29, 2000
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