Avtozavodskoy Market Photo Gallery

all photos taken June 2000

We suggest that some excellent insights into Togliatti and the surrounding Volga Region can be viewed through the "cultural window" provided by an examination of this city's largest market. Located in what is referred to as the "New Town", the market is open only on Saturday's and Sunday's, and attended by literally thousands of citizens.

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The tropical fish at this market appeared extremely healthy, and were more reasonably priced than in USA pet and fish hobbyist shops.

Once finished shopping the "interior market", you may now begin shopping the wares of approximately 200 vendors directly outside.

The Russians have plenty of blue jeans! Most of the clothes here are imported. While there may be a limit to "style", it is made up for in volume of selection.

In general, most Russians have an aversion to cameras. though this youngster enjoyed mugging for ours.





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