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Introductory CD, Additional Photos Sets,
Special-Order Videos, Instant-Video Package Plans & Foreign Language Lessons

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A Volga Girl's Introductory CD

20.00 An introduction to various aspects of our company, personal interviews, a narrated video tour of Togliatti, 3 television shows, Women's New Year's Banquet, International Women's Day Banquet and a one-hour TV documentary on A Volga Girl and actual couples in the courting phase and marriage.


Special-Order Live Video-Shorts

29.95 Live 4-minute MPEG video-short
37.00 w/English translation


"A Day In The Life of Your Lady"

149.00 A LIVE, Custom Order, 30-MINUTE DIGITAL VIDEO of your lady on compact disc with full translation in English (includes shipping & handling).


Additional Photo Sets

15.00 5 photos
22.50 10 photos
30.00 15 photos
43.75 25 photos


Foreign Language Lesson Packages

17.00 1 lesson / 1 hour
78.00 5 lessons / five hours
149.00 10 lessons / ten hours
199.00 15 lessons / fifteen hours
325.00 25 lessons / twenty-five hours

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