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ID# 534
Engaged May 2001
MARRIED November 2001


Now Happily Married!
NOTE: Oksana gave birth to baby Savatore in December 2002

October 30, 2002 Pittston, Pennsylvania, USA

My name is Oksana D’Amico. I came to America on September 18, 2001. I was born and raised in Togliatti Russia. Like every young girl I always dreamed to someday find a good husband, raise a family and live happy ever after. However, life in Russia is extremely difficult. Misery surrounds you. Good jobs are scarce. We have a major problem among men with the use of drugs and alcohol. The air is polluted. Our government is corrupt. Hope for a better life is nonexistent. Thanks to Volgagirl, I was given the opportunity to leave this misery behind me and turn my dream into reality. Through the services of Volgagirl, I was able to meet a man from Pennsylvania. The president of the company Craig Rich assisted my future husband step by step from our first meeting to my interview in Moscow in order to bring me here. Today I live in the US. I married a good man. Life in America is wonderful. The adjustments that I needed to make in my new life were numerous but all of them for the better.

Communication at first was a major problem. Soon after my arrival, I started going to school. I am still going three times a week in order to improve on my English and learn American history. Today I can communicate with everyone. I feel so comfortable knowing that so many people are willing to help me. The personality and behavior of my new relatives and friends differs so much from what I was accustomed to in Central Russia where they are mostly sad and full of thoughts. Here they are joyful, energetic. They work just as hard but not in order to survive rather to take advantage of what life has to offer. Everything you need and everything your heart desires are within reach. This past summer, my husband sent me on a two-week vacation back to Russia to see my parents. As much as I enjoyed being with them again, I could not wait to get back home in Pennsylvania. Home, where you can leave the house without some form of identification papers. There are no road blocks. A policeman will not pull you over unless you break the law. Home where conversations are about good things to come and not about the misery that surrounds you. Home, where a woman’s position in society is equal to the man not as someone for example who is not good enough to drive a car? Home, where shopping offers you choices and no lines. The stores are stocked to please everyone's need and taste. My husband and I are very active. We love the outdoor. What we enjoy mostly is to get in the car and go places we never seen before. My favorite place to visit is Central Park in New-York City. This past year, I had the pleasure to travel to Las Vegas. What a great experience it was? What my eyes have seen so far, I could not ever imagine while I was growing up. Life in America is wonderful. I love my husband. I live in a big and beautiful house. We have a good size garden with two pine trees and a pear tree. I plant and grow different kind of flowers. We have a dog. His name is Jesse. He is toy Chi Tzu. Like most people, we drive a sport utility vehicle (SUV) and own a big screen TV. The area we live is in the scenic beauty of the Pocono Mountains. Today, I am in my eighth month of pregnancy. Our child will have the opportunity to be whomever he wants. I am happy. The air I breath is good.

Thank you Volgagirl for turning my dream into reality.

# 534 Oksana D’Amico

ID# 1001
ENGAGED June 2001
Married March 2002

russian women

Hello Folks, June 2001

Craig Rich is a man to ride the river with. If you’re not familiar with the phrase then just know that it’s the highest compliment you can give a man where I’m from. With out the support services, especially the translation services provided by the wonderful staff at Volgagirl, Svetlana and I would not and could not be engaged because of the language barrier.

During the process of writing to her and traveling to Russia to meet her I not only found a beautiful woman I also found love and confidence in myself. To put it in a nutshell we owe our future happiness to Craig, Arina, Olga, and the rest of the staff at Volgagirl.

If you are worried about traveling to Russia then perhaps a few words of advice and assurance will help to alleviate your fears about going to meet that special someone. It is a long trip and be ready to spend a lot of time standing in line in Moscow. But once you are through the passport and visa check and customs then the wait isn’t to bad. Just long and boring. Take a good book and don’t get in a hurry. The Russians have they’re own way of doing things so don’t expect to get the same kind of service you get in the States. One word of advice you need to take fresh crisp American money with you because if there is a mark or any kind of tear the Russians won’t accept it for exchange. The prices in Togliatti and Samara are surprisingly cheap; especially compared to Moscow. You might want to leave room in your suitcase so you can do some shopping while you are there.

The time I spent in Togliatti and Samara was the best vacation I can remember ever taking. The Russians are wonderful people and the country has to be experienced to be believed. I can only speak of my experiences with Svetlana. I treated her like a gentleman should treat a lady. My strongest advice to anyone traveling to Russia to meet women would be to treat them with respect and gentleness. Don’t expect them to fall all over themselves simply because you are a “rich American”.

Now I would like to emphasize that the services of Volgagirl don’t end with the engagement. I can still stay in touch with her through the web site and with telephone calls which will be important over the next few months while we are getting her fiancée visa. Craig has assured me that he will give me advice and help in anyway he can. I suggest that you follow in his footsteps as to emulate success breeds success. I am going to try and keep notes on the process so that when we have her visa in hand I can let you know what to expect and perhaps to help shorten the time it takes to get the paper work completed.

I hope that your experience with Volgagirl brings to you the happiness and joy that it has brought to me. Thank you again Craig for all your help and support. Arthur, Texas



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