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ID 4157 Tatiana & Nick
MARRIED January 24
the Little Brown Church, California
where once were Ronald Reagan and Nancy Davis....
A new family in California

ID #4059 - Veronika & Jeff
The Old Church, a Portland landmark since 1883, Portland, Oregon 

ID#4165 Svetlana
ENGAGED - April 2011
Felix & Svetlana
MARRIED August 03
Hello Helen!
Nice to see your mail. We are fine, thank you for asking .
Felix's family met me very warm when I just came . They are very friendly and welcome people.
Also they help me a lot of everything . Felix is doing the best for us. I am happy to be in this family. Helen, I would like to offer for girls who will come here in the same state where we live ( Maryland) or others to communicate. May be I could help them in some case.
Sorry for my English I still learn. Thank you for everything.
Take Care .
Felix and Svetlana

ID #3710 Klara
ENGAGED October 2011
Russ & Klara
MARRIED August 04

ID 927 Natalie
ENGAGED July 2011
Natalie ID 927 & Joe

ID 3898 Ludmila
ID #4323 Natalia


Our Fall Weddings
Elena ID 4220 & Robert
MARRIED September 19
Svetlana ID 4098 & Walt
MARRIED October 14

ID#4182 Anastasia
Anastasia & Alex in Australia
MARRIED November 11
Hello from Australia !
Once again -- thank you for our family :-)
I am settling down in Australia, learning English in college, and hope to find a job in my professional field sometime soon. Things are well with us, we have been enjoying our happy marriage! The wedding was fantastic, like from a fairytale :-)
Best wishes,
Anastasia & Alex :-)


A Gettogether in Los Angeles
Svetlana ID 2858 & Andrew (Married 2005) & Tatiana ID 4157 & Nick (Married 2012)
Hello Helen! Here is a picture for your website :-) That's me, Nick, and Svetlana and Andrew from Philadelphia. They came to LA for three days and we had a great time together :-) The photo was taken in Nobu, Beverly Hills

ID #4382 Marina
ENGAGED November
Hello Britain!
Jason from Great Britain & Marina

Our Special Thanks to Vasilisa & Deron for providing their family photo:

Vasilisa & Deron
ENGAGED October 2004
MARRIED April 2005

Nicholas and Benjamin born in America

Lots of Happiness for your family!


Some of our couples request to remain anonymous about their marriage and choose to keep their affairs private.  We always honor our clients requests and it is our policy to put their wishes and feeling above advertising.  This is why you will not see all our marriages and engagements listed in the success gallery though we strive to include as many as possible.
From the President,
David Knabel



Finding, knowing, and marrying a beautiful  Russian bride is no stretch ... We look forward to posting additional testimonials sometime soon, whereby the ladies pictured here & their foreign male counterparts will submit first hand reports of their own experiences in getting to know one another through correspondence; their subsequent in-person meeting, and their adjustments to a new land and a new culture.

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