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ID #4386 Evgeniya
ENGAGED February
ID #4039 Tatiana
MARRIED February 29

ID #4477 Svetlana
MARRIED April 24
ID #4322 Maria
ENGAGED June 2015
MARRIED January 24, 2016


ID #3910 Inga
ENGAGED September

ID #4248 Viktoria
ENGAGED November 2015
Viktoria & Frank
A Beautiful Wedding in Washington, USA
MARRIED September 16, 2016



Some of our couples request to remain anonymous about their marriage and choose to keep their affairs private.  We always honor our clients requests and it is our policy to put their wishes and feeling above advertising.  This is why you will not see all our marriages and engagements listed in the success gallery though we strive to include as many as possible.
From the President,
David Knabel



Finding, knowing, and marrying a beautiful  Russian bride is no stretch ... We look forward to posting additional testimonials sometime soon, whereby the ladies pictured here & their foreign male counterparts will submit first hand reports of their own experiences in getting to know one another through correspondence; their subsequent in-person meeting, and their adjustments to a new land and a new culture.

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