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ID# 118
ENGAGED March 2002
MARRIED December 2002

I guess it is something what is called "to eyewitness everything from the very beginning".

I started working for VolgaGirl, when its office only consisted of one computer and one chair. Often it is hard to start believing. But I saw this business developing. And what seemed to be unreal became more and more real, more and more a "fact". For two years I could witness a lot of couples corresponding. Believe me, it was so "alive", so emotional. I was happy for the first couple who found each other via this agency.

I chose my Adam myself, in the VolgaGirl men's catalogue. I guess I just needed those two years to enjoy my work at the agency (believe me, this work is VERY interesting!) and finally meet my own perfect match. Now I live in Florida and we are married. My experience shows that there is no need to wait, dear men. Go! Make a choice! Notice us ladies!

Tatiana #118


My testimonial is a fashionable thing!

I came to America in December, 2002. We did not need to think very long, and got married on December 20. We felt it was right, have no regrets, and know that there is only happiness ahead of us.

My Adam did not fear the distance during our writing, and getting to know each other. He has traveled much in his life, so having distance between himself and the ones he loves was nothing new to him. I also did not fear to cross this great distance, though it was for the first time for me. I have traveled in the past, but not with such life changing effects. It is a great decision for someone to leave everything they know behind, and travel to a new life with only a few suitcases holding your old life.

My Adam says, "I love to come home for lunch because I know that here I am waited for and loved! I love to finish my work and hurry for home at the end of the day so that we can do a lot of things together. After being single for 12 years it is great to finally have that special person to spend my time with, and experience life together."

For me it feels like a perfect place to be in. First of all, I am with the person I feel a lot of love and respect for. Second, now my son and I live in the place (Florida) that is like a paradise to us. Exotic things are now becoming wonderful daily things, and close to us. Under a window of our home is an area where I can indulge to my love of plant growing; my four year old son and I often go outside and feed birds and squirrels by the lake that is by our patio. In our home we have fish and cats - it is very great for a child to have the opportunity to be that close to nature most of the time!

Soon after my arrival in America I applied for my Social Security Card and in January I also got my driver's license. I enjoy driving and I love keeping busy, and my days are made up of lots of activities: working out, cleaning, cooking, playing with my son, and learning web design. (My husband loves everything I cook for him: liver, stewed cabbage, pea soup - everything!) On Sunday all the three of us go to church. There are lots of things that are very new for me here, and very different from what I was used to in Russia. Things are more open in churches than in Russia, I think. I am not a very religious person myself, but I am sure that this activity will be of great use for my 4-year-old son since it is never harmful, or too early, to speak of kindness and mercy to a child.

What do you see when you wake up in the morning? What do you experience on a sunny gentle morning? I know what I feel and what/who I see. It is the smile of my husband - the best smile in the world, I can hear his laughter and sense his perfect smell. And I say to him, "I love you", and then hear back that he loves too. Our mornings are always full of care and feelings of love.

Americans are nice people and always say, "G'morning, how are you doing?", to unknown people, people in stores and just passing by in the streets. I like it here; nobody is so depressed, worried, or angry as in Russia.

Before finishing sharing my impressions, I would like to mention that I think it is very important that men should send photos and videos of the place he lives to the lady he is in correspondence with. Or photos of the places he likes to be, pictures of his friends and family members, etc.

I love everything here and I know that I am in the right place, with the right person.


Tanya V. Culp March 2003

ID # 1477
ENGAGED May 2002
MARRIED March 2003

ID# 1274
ENGAGED May 2002
MARRIED March 2003

I got registered with VolgaGirl in 2001. Almost at once I started to get letters from a man from California, from Alan. Our correspondence lasted for about 7 months. Alan came to Togliatti for a visit in spring 2002. We got engaged, and we are married by now.

I would like to say some kind words to the VolgaGirl company itself and to its staff. Their help is priceless. Besides the fact that they are very tactful and attentive, you feel like being in a family when in their office. They are always there to listen to you and to offer their help. They speak English very well, so they can convey all the shades of humor and feelings in the letters, which is very important for better mutual understanding of two persons, who are in love with each other.

Also, they are good psychologists and they can always give a needful piece of advice, when there is some misunderstanding or misinterpreting. The staff was chosen just greatly. When you come here, you get into warm atmosphere. It is their important role in the fact that so many couples got together and engaged. I thank the VolgaGirl's staff for their priceless services and help. What can be nicer than to help people to be happy?

Elena #1274

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