What some of our clients from the U.S., the U.K. and the rest of Europe have to say ...


January 23, 2017

Your service is outstanding. Helen was very helpful, patient, informative, supportive and professional. She rewrote our forms several times due to changes in my job, income, address and difficulties with my fiancee name and employment. I know why your agency is considered the best in the industry and highly referred.

Bobby (Texas, USA)
Out-of-Network client -
met his lady outside A Volga Girl
worked fiancee visa through A Volga Girl



January 15, 2016

Hello Helen

I hope everything is going good? I guess you heard the news Olga got the visa.

I want to tell you thank you for all your help with the fiancee visa as well.



Mike (Texas, USA)
Out-of-Network client -
met his Russian lady outside A Volga Girl
worked fiancee visa through A Volga Girl


January 4, 2016

Dear Dave

I first registered with your company at the end of November 2015 and have since been corresponding with a lovely lady.
I am particularly attracted to Alla and will be travelling to meet her soon in Russia.
I have spoken to your staff in Russia a number of times and have been very impressed with Helen. You have a gem in her as I am sure you know.

Rob (the UK)
(To date a very happy client)


July 11, 2015


Just wanted to comment on this great service you offer. The thought of having opportunities to reach out and build relationships with women of other cultures is very exciting with unlimited possibilities!

I’m somewhat biased; I just began communicating with Oksana, and personally believe she is the most beautiful woman on your site. Even through translation, her personality really stands out making her clearly different than most, even though these are only written letters.

Once again, thanks for all you do!

James (North Carolina, USA)


May 19, 2015

Hello Helen,

I hope all is going well with you. I wanted again to give you my sincere thanks for all of your help in meeting Ludmila and making my big adventure a reality. You are a very generous and beautiful person and I am very glad to have met you. I am planning on coming back to Russia this Fall to visit Ludmila. We will need to meet up again for dinner!! Have a great day and you will be part of my heart always!

Sincere thanks,

Thomas (Alaska, USA)


April 18, 2015

Hello Dave (President "A Volga Girl"),

I would like to say that Helen has been Amazing with everything so far. She has gone above and beyond fullfiling my request. She does an amazing job with the translations during my skype calls with Maria. She has done a fantastic job helping me procure a custom made painting for Maria's upcoming birthday. She also was able to get a rose and card made up for her within a short time frame.
So I'm truly impressed with all the support so far from Helen.

Joshua (Kentucky, USA)


February 9, 2015

Hi Helen,

Goodness, writing to you reminds me of a distant time when I first came to Volgagirl, started to write to you, and of course to my wonderful Natasha. Believe it or not those first letters were back in 2009. Time passes, and here now is Natasha with me in our home.... how amasing. Many thanks for the great part you played in that Helen.
My very best wishes to you Helen, and great to be able to write again to our family friend in Russia.

Greg (Perth, Australia)


December 27, 2014

Dear Helen,

We are very grateful to you and your company for putting us together and now we would like to tell you that Thane and I are married. Our courtship was very fast, the first email was only the first week of July, 2014 and we talked daily via Skype for several hours. In September, we met face to face, I arrived to Florida and in October we were engaged. In December, I arrived the second time and got married on December, 26th 2014. We wish to tell everyone that fairy tales can come true and we are very happy together. Wishing you and your family a Happy New Year and a Merry Christmas!

Thane & Olga (Florida, USA)


July 5, 2014

I must mention to you Helen I am truly excited beyond belief to have found
you and Dave thru the NATGEO documentary. My life will change, and, a
fantastic Woman's life will change into complete Happiness. I have worked myself hard for years into success and now want to give unconditionally to a Woman from your part of the World who will thrive as my life equal, and each others partner. You are truly fulfilling a noble conduit that has generational impacts!

Trent (Missouri, USA)


June 27, 2014

Hello Helen,

I just want to take the time to personally say thank you. Thank you for letting me know about Irina and thank you for doing your job so well. It's comforting to know there is a real person in a real office making sure things run smoothly and everyone is on the level.

Stephen (Oregon, USA)


May 17, 2014

Hello Dave,

After my trip to Togliatti I have asked Inna to be my wife. It has been an amazing experience and Inna is a wonderful girl. I feel very blessed to have met such a loving person. Also it was great to meet Helen and Lana, they truly are special.

Tim (Tennessee, USA)


February 4, 2014

Hi Helen

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you. Marina and I would like to inform you that we just got married on the 1 February in my home town of South Shields . You brought two people from different parts of the world together and now it looks like your journey is over while ours has only just begun. I feel like the luckiest man in the world thanks to you. We are very grateful for your help and professionalism and we cannot thank you Dave and A Volga Girl enough.We Would like to share some photos of our wedding day with you. It was an absolute dream come true like a fairytale. Marina and the children have settled in great with the kids already in school and Marina is now about to start a new career in her chosen occupation. My family now have three new additions and love Marina and the kids very much. Please feel free to post this letter onto your site in the hope it may bring some happiness to someone else. We could never have done this without your help which we appreciate very much and hope we can stay in touch for a very long time.
Jason & Marina (Great Britain)

PS. We would like to offer any advice or help your future couples that are relocating to Great Britain.


July 24, 2013

Here is "Craig's" message below:
Hello Dave (President "A Volga Girl"),

Thanks you for the congratulations on the engagement.  I knew from the beginning that A Volga Girl was a step above other international marriage agencies.  I've used other agencies in the past and I've done the group tours with AFA and Anastasia.  Although they were a lot of fun, the only thing I got form the group tours were some good American male friends whom I am still in contact with today.  A Volga Girl, in my opinion, is the most likely place for a man who seriously wants to marry one o these women to find success.  The reason is simple...you run an honest, straight forward agency.  There are no scams or professional daters and I commend you and your staff for the way you conduct business.  I would never hesitate to recommend your services to other men seeking a Russian wife.

I do already have some of Maria's completed forms in my possession (for Fiancé Visa Petition).  We met with Helen Monday afternoon and completed Maria's G-325A, birth certification, and letter of intent.  I don't go back to work until Monday, so I'll get started on my forms right away.  I'll be in touch and thanks again for everything.

Best regards,
Craig  (Dallas, Texas, USA)


September 16, 2011

A big hello to you Helen, Dave and Lana!! Please feel free to use some or all of the words here if you like. I felt I needed to say some things because. well I honestly don't know why. Maybe just because I gained so much knowledge and experience through this process and when I started it would have been endlessly helpful to read just exactly what I have written here. The only thing that I ask is that you use my exact words if you decide to use any of them and not re-phrase anything. I simply would not want to have something up on the web that is misrepresentative of me in any way. If there are things here that you think would be useful for your perspective clients but you are worried about the way they are worded let me know and we can find a way to re-word my sentiments that will work for your purposes.

I am writing to announce my recent engagement to Inna . We became engaged on Tuesday September 6th. I may be romanticizing or simply flattering my relationship, but I like to think of Inna and I as a good example of a Russian-American love story. All of this may be superfluous but I would like to share my experiences and thoughts with you and possibly a "letter to the men" portion for all of the guys who may be thinking of using your services and would like to learn more about one man's experience and observations.

I first learned of your agency, as many have, by watching the National Geographic special. I was skeptical as I think most people would be. I sent several letters with no real investment because I did not trust the situation or the motives of those involved and I also was struggling with what it meant about me (are these just the actions of a desperate man or a man who has simply given up on the work of finding a good relationship?!?!?!?). I exchanged a few letters still feeling like it was a little bit of a fantasy land. Even though I did not believe that I could find the love of my life in Russia I still took the entire process seriously and filled out my profile with great care and honesty. I made sure to include all things that were "deal-breakers" if you will or that could be potential "deal-breakers" for a perspective partner (i.e. I do not drink alcohol, to some that is important also I am a single father, etc). I wanted any woman to know that I am not a false man or trying to be perfect. One important note I would like to make to American men about the Russian people is that they should not perceive the lack of smiling as a sign of unhappiness or disinterest. I know this is difficult for Americans to understand but the Russian people as a culture tend to maintain much more stoic facial expressions. You have to get over it. Any facial expression of happiness should be multiplied 10 fold to interpret it into American terms. Meaning that if your perspective lady gives you one of those big happy toothy smiles, the American equivalent would be woman jumping for joy, crying with happiness and screaming out loud with excitement all at the same time.

I first received a letter from Inna November 28, 2009. I was very flattered by the attention but also very distrustful. We corresponded often and I always took the thoughts, questions, concerns and sentiments of Inna seriously but I still was waiting for the other shoe to drop. We used Skype often which was interpreted by Helen (I believe this was a fantastic device to help the relationship grow) and of course wrote many letters as well. Through these communications I kept expecting that something I would say would frighten her off or reveal that she really was only looking for a golden ticket to America. As you might expect my distrust eventually led to a breakdown in communication. After a few months of not exchanging letters I received a letter from Inna. She simply said hello and informed me that she had thought of me often while we were not writing. I told her that I
had also thought of her often but that I truly could not trust the whole situation and could not continue to pursue contact.

Shortly after I sent that message (and by shortly I mean only a matter of moments later), I realized that I was being a complete and utter moron. Here I was thinking that I was only a golden ticket to America for this woman. She is an absolutely gorgeous woman who has been on this site since 2007! If I thought she didn't have as many opportunities to go to America as she wanted between 2007 and 2010 I was nuts. The truth is that if she was only on this site to "get to America", she surely would be there long ago. We had been sharing intimate details about our children, our thoughts, our worries and our joys for years. These realizations allowed me to apologize for my stupidity, stop questioning her motives and allow myself the wonderful relationship I had been looking for. At this point I should say that I do not think my skepticism was un-wise, just the opposite. Let's be honest there are plenty of reasons to be careful and we all know them. But you must also keep in mind the gigantic amount of uncertainty a Russian woman is facing to pursue love and a future. It is a fool who enters into this situation with blinders on about the risks to him but a bigger fool who does not look at it from the woman's perspective as well.

At this point I could really open my heart to Inna. After this I started looking for opportunities to go to Tolyatti. It was not long before I concluded that I had to just make it happen, that if I did not act I would keep procrastinating about it forever. I researched flights (I recommend looking at many sources but www.cheapoair.com is a fantastic one), hotels (I stayed at Hotel Chocolate and was VERY happy, Internet, restaurant, excellent cooked-to-order free breakfast, very clean, etc.) and
restaurants. I highly recommend Orient Express and John Silver's for restaurants. These are wonderful choices because they have English menus available, the food atmosphere is wonderful and they accept credit cards which is often not the case in Russia. John Silver's is more casual and Orient Express is perfect for that one biggest romantic evening of your trip.

In June of 2011 I flew to Tolyatti to meet Inna. I was able to learn a great deal about the Russian culture and Russian people. Let me tell you, there are a great many misrepresentations. I found the Russian people to be warmer and to have bigger hearts than Americans. Of course the same is true in Russia as in the states that people become increasingly sour and less pleasant as you get closer to the large cities such as Moscow but on average and especially in areas like Tolyatti the people are much nicer than the American people once you get on a one-to-one basis with them. We did use the interpretation services provided by Helen and Lana often while there (even by phone a few times on a moment's notice which was VERY, VERY helpful). Helen and Lana were priceless! I found them to both be wonderful women and they were both endlessly helpful. I have only had the pleasure of limited contact with Lana but I have worked with Helen often over the years and like to think I have found a wonderful and genuine friend in her.

By the end of my trip I decided I wanted Inna to meet my mother. I had not told any of my family that I was going to Russia (for the usual fears of stigma or criticism) but I decided that I needed to break my silence so that my mother could meet Inna. My mother had been battling cancer for years and was now losing the battle. I told my mother and we arranged for an interpreted Skype call assisted by Helen. To make it a convenient time for my ailing mother, Helen came to my hotel room late at night so that we could have the video call from there. Helen's assistance enabled my other to meet my future bride before she passed away (even though I did not know this would be the case at the time) and I will be forever grateful for that.

I returned home with many feelings and thoughts to sort out. One brief month later my mother passed away. Inna shared in my grief and was a great source of support. I finally accepted the reality that was staring me in the face. Inna was the one for me and I was helplessly in love with her.

I began work immediately on a return trip to Russia to ask for her hand. I wanted to express my love for her and my respect for her, her family and her culture by "doing things right" to the best of my ability. I mean let's face it, Russian woman dream of the same once-in-a-lifetime romance that any woman does. I wanted to make this come true for my beloved as much as possible. I had learned of the tradition of locking a lock upon engagement while I was in Russia. I purchased a large heart-shaped lock off of the Internet and had it engraved with our names in Russian to take with me to Russia. I also, of course, purchased a certain RING.

I returned on September the first which was my birthday. My Inna made a wonderful birthday for me. I had planned for a 12 day stay which included 7 days at her parent's house in the village where Inna grew up. Please let me point out here that I am currently between jobs and have just inherited some funds. All the men and the Russian women should realize that this type of trip is just not realistic for most. Please do not expect this is appropriate for many because it simply is not. You will get fired and spend your life's savings which will not help your beloved at all! I had the blessing of many things coming together at the same time to make this possible. It was only through the generosity of my mother and the dumb luck that I found myself between jobs for the first time in ten years that I could make such an extensive and expensive journey.

The journey was wonderful and the experience was priceless. I met all of the family that would become my family and had an amazing experience. I did run into a few health problems such as an injured knee and something resembling the flu, but I battled through all of it and did not let it dissuade me from the intentions of my trip.

I was shown a location in a park that was a large heart-shaped area with a bench that was just to celebrate love and lovers. I knew this was the place. The next day I asked Inna's parent's for their blessing to request her hand in marriage. I needed to do this via a translated document on my computer because it required far more Russian than my limited vocabulary could muster and it was WAY too important to take a chance with. Here I should point out that while this type of software is useful and may even be absolutely necessary in some situations in your courting you should in no way try to translate your own messages that you send through Volga Girl to your lady. I say this because I tried it and it simply does not work. There are too many pitfalls in interpersonal communication when you cannot see the other person's facial expressions or body language and you cannot here their intonation. You will have constant misunderstandings and your messages will be wasted and lead to only confusion. Do yourself a massive favor, let Volga Girl staff translate your letters and your conversations and only use translation software as an absolute last resort. It will make things work much more smoothly and hey! .I am speaking from experience. Besides that, the price of their translation simply cannot be beat. I found this to be the case with absolutely every service they provide. Do yourself a huge favor and use all of the services they offer. I went the extra step (as I always do) of pricing similar services or modes of transportation and the truth is that they provide AWESOME service at a price that is less than the usual going rate! It was all you could ask for.

After asking for her parent's blessing we had plans that evening to go to dinner in the nearby small city where we had visited that lover's spot. I laid my plans and learned my lines and we were all on our way in her father's car. I had asked her father to be ready with a camera and I proposed in front of Inna's parents and her daughter. All went well except the fact that I totally forgot how to ask her to be my wife and had to look at a note I had placed on my phone for just such an emergency. yes I was a boy scout and do try to always "be prepared", and yes I DID do this WHILE on one knee. Inna said yes and we closed the lock to symbolize our commitment (I highly recommend observing this tradition, I think it meant a lot to Inna and her whole family).

We are now preparing for our life together and anticipating the future. For the first time in my life I have not met someone that MIGHT be the one, I know I have met THE ONE. I do not regret my skepticism, but I am glad that I put in the time and effort to make an opportunity into a reality. To the guys I say it is slightly more than a billion percent worth it. There are sweet, beautiful, sexy, feminine, intelligent, loving, caring women out there that are looking for a good man. Let your concerns be present and keep you aware but do not let them stop you. There are fantastic women in Tolyatti who are ready to give their warm Russian hearts to a good, solid man. I like to think that Inna and I are proof of that.

Thanks again to Dave, Helen and Lana from Volga Girl for making my future possible. I truly owe my happiness and future to this service.

Jason (MA, USA)


Jan 2011


Hello Helen (Office Manager),


Again, I will never be able to thank you enough!! Because of your company, I have found my soul mate, the love of my life.  (John & Svetlana were engaged in Jan 2011 during his trip to Tolgliatti, Russia).


John  (San Antonio, TX)


Oct 31, 2010

Hi Dave (Volgagirl President),

On November 19, Natalia along with children Denis and Maksim will arrive here, to begin the next great step in our lives together. What the future holds in store for us is up to us, and it is simply a thrill with each step into the unknown! What a year it has been and such a great adventure. When I first joined with Volga Girl in December, 2009 I never could have dreamed what the next months would hold in store. To look back and to see what was, then to see where this incredible journey has taken me is the stuff that creates legends. However legends are only based on reality. In contrast, what I have seen with my own eyes and experienced for myself is real and true.

I never tire of viewing the Volga Girl web site, reading about and seeing the people, some of which I have come to know. Never has there been a lady such as Helen Bessonova! She is the supreme Ambassador of Russia! The National Geographic special remains with me, recorded and treasured. The familiar faces are truly special and with each passing day become ingrained more into my consciousness. Volga Girl is not simply a site where men and women can meet, it is the doorway to hope; a place where fantasy thoughts and guessing ends and where the new world begins. This new world has its share of ups and downs as men and women, separated by continents and cultures, have a unique opportunity to lay aside all pretenses and send a first message that goes something like "Hello, my name is.." Neither Russian nor American knows what will happen next. There are no canned, pre-arranged dates where one person controls what is seen and what is hidden. Both parties are on unfamiliar turf. The playing field, so to speak, has been leveled. A lack of honesty by either party is soon revealed as well as the seriousness of endeavor.

Dave, what little I can describe is simply not enough to bring justice to the significance of Volga Girl. To someone who might be thinking of employing the assistance of Volga Girl I would tell them that they are not looking just at a real web site, operated and backed by real, credible, sincere and experienced people, but they may taking the next step at determining their own destiny. And isn't that what so many are looking for, a chance to determine their own destiny?

In long and wonderful retrospect,

Jack (Houston, TX)

Feb 24, 2010   

Hi Dave (Volgagirl President),

My trip went very well, getting through customs in Moscow was not a problem, it took about 10 minutes.  Helen (Office Mgr.) and Larisa (his VG Lady)  were at the airport (in Samara) waiting for me which was great.  Helen is a great asset to your company.  She took care of everything for me. The taxi company you use is also great.  Larisa and I got along very well together and we talked that this (meeting) will probably lead to something special for us.  Your apartment was very nice and I am glad I stayed there.  Our trip to Moscow went well, and the taxi company (that transported me from Togliatti to the Samara airport) was on time also.  Thank you once again and also thank Helen for me ,she was great.  I will give you updates about Larisa and I, we plan to see each other again soon.

Thank you once again.

Mike  (Connecticut)


Jan 9, 2010

Dear Dave, Helen and Lana;

I wanted to take a moment on my last morning in Togliatti to write you a short letter.  When I saw the pictures of the apartment,  I was impressed.  But, having  now spent the last 2 weeks here,  I can say I am quite pleased that I chose to spend these 2 weeks in your apartment! When I arrived, the place was very clean, well maintained and looked fabulous!  You have everything here a person would need whether they are staying for a few days, or 2 weeks like I have.  The comfort of the apartment has made me feel at home even though I am a great many miles from home.

Having now met both Helen and Lana, I can see why Volga Girl is such a great agency!  Dave, these two girls are a wonderful asset!  I sincerely wish Volga Girl much success in 2010 and beyond!  Helen, thank you so much for extending such warm hospitality to me.

Sincerely, Robert    (Michigan)


Dec 15, 2009


Note:  Gary & Olga were featured in the "Email Order Bride" Documentary on National Geographic TV and were married in Feb 2009 in Las Vegas.

Hello Everybody at A Volga Girl & PSG Films,

What a year it has been since Olga arrived in LA?  We already have a new family tradition. Every year on December 13th, the day Olga landed in the US, we will watch the video you made. First, Anna (Producer), I trust you and your baby are happy and healthy. I truly believe there is no more important work than that of parent. Second, we love the way you put the documentary together. Mostly, I suppose because Olga and I look really good! There is some sad moments, of course, but we laugh hard at ourselves and other scenes. One we particularly like is you and your wife (Elena), Dave (President, A Volga Girl), and you say that if something happens to you she will go back to Russia, and she says, no! Oh, and the way you set up the, "Will she or won't she arrive scene?" What a riot! Please tell Brian I believe I know which scene he said he wanted to put down the camera and give me a hug. Olga has all her immigration cards, SS card, Oregon ID, and starts her advanced English class in January. She has many friends here in Portland too. We are happy.

Thank you all so very much. I have had many exciting moments in my life, but I will never forget this adventure. Olga and I are truly one of the many successful couples. We wish you much love, joy and peace of mind during this holiday season.

Gary (Oregon)


Dec 9, 2009

Hi Dave (A Volga Girl President)

 I just returned from my 2 week trip to Togliatti with Volga Girl and I must tell you that Helen, your office Manager, was the Best. Her insight and knowledge was so helpful, the honesty and integrity of your company is by far the best I have experienced.  The level of customer support was the best I have ever experienced, there were no extra fees for anything I needed except for translation with the girls when needed, Helen and Lana were the Best. 

The company apartment was great, very roomy and comfortable and to be honest it was worth the money for all the room and comfort, it was like home and I would be happy to stay there again. I have traveled a lot of times with another company who does Romance Tours to Ukraine and Russia and for many years and countless trips I always thought they were the correct way to meet girls but now after traveling with your company I am convinced that I wasted all my time and money with the other company on Romance Tours. where you are placed in a bar setting with a 100 girls and good luck finding your future wife. They said email the girls you like and I can say with the other company you had no idea if the girl got your email or not but the point is you never know. How you do it is great - you always know if the girl got the email and if she has any interest in you or not. Every girl that said she would like to meet me did and I had such a wonderful time with each of them. In two years of traveling to Ukraine on Romance Tours the only girls I met were girls that just wanted money and nothing else. In Togliatti, Russia, where your company is located, the girls were fantastic, honest with high morals and family values and the only things the girls wanted were to meet there future husband and have a serious relationship. Your way of sending letters and building a serious communication with 4 or 5 special girls is far better than Romance Tours, that you meet 300 girls in 3 different towns and in reality you had no time to build a serious relationship and nothing happens and that is how they hook you to go on another Romance Tour with the hope on the next trip you might meet a special girl the next time. I did back to back tours with the other company with about 50 men to Ukraine and not one person got engaged but with your company because I had such good communication with real girls by the time I arrived I was almost ready to move to the next step with my special girl. The girls in Ukraine are fun but if you are looking for a wife you will find Russian girls are far more serious as I said you want fun go to Ukraine but if you want a wife you need to go to Russia and where your company is located I can say honestly was the best I have experienced because of your company and all the help I got and lets not forget the girls.

Thank you and your company , Bob (New York)

P.S.  Bob is returning to Togliatti in Mar 2010 to further his relationship with a special lady.


Jun 08, 2009

A happily married  Volga Girl couple.

Michael and Elena Pipkin

Hi, my name is Michael and I found my true love here on the VolgaGirl website. She is everything I was looking for, and everything I was looking to avoid in an American woman. I got the idea to look for my perfect mate overseas because I was tired of the problems from “local” girls. Russia offers women who embody the old world values missing in our society.

We have been married now for almost one year. In February she gave birth to our beautiful son. Like all relationships, there are highs and lows. I can promise you that the highs far outnumber the lows. I never knew that I could be so happy. Even my family adores Elena.

Her taste in decorating has made our house a real home. I really look forward to coming home every night. And very soon Elena’s own daughter will join us here, and my family will be complete and together under one roof. It sure doesn’t get any better than this.


Jan 10, 2009


Dear Dave, Helen and Lana;

I wanted to take a moment on my last morning in Tolyatti to write you a short letter.  When I saw the pictures of the apartment,  I was impressed.  But, having  now spent the last 2 weeks here,  I can say I am quite pleased that I chose to spend these 2 weeks in your apartment! When I arrived, the place was very clean, well maintained and looked fabulous!  You have everything here a person would need whether they are staying for a few days, or 2 weeks like I have.  The comfort of the apartment has made me feel at home even though I am a great many miles from home.


Having now met both Helen and Lana, I can see why Volga Girl is such a great agency!  Dave, these two girls are a wonderful asset!  I sincerely wish Volga Girl much success in 2009 and beyond!  Helen, thank you so much for extending such warm hospitality to me.





  December 24, 2007

Hi Helen, I've been back for a few hours now from my first trip to Russia... yes, exhausted... to say the least.  I am very calm and determined.  2 traits I didn't have coupled together before my trip.

You've been instrumental in guiding me to attain my goals of love.

Lana has also been a divine tool along with everything you represent at A Volga Girl... I'm a poster child, an excellent spokesperson, and a living example that when your heart's in the right place God does make the way clear.

Anna is the woman of my dreams... and I know it will take a daily, sometimes momentarily, choice we both choose in creating our reality we aim to choose to create.  I don't even need to say I have no regrets in running with my heart in the manner I did.  But I have to say how grateful I am to have you, Lana, Dave and everyone else instrumental in Anna & I realizing our dreams.

This is just the beginning and I know we will have to work hard to continue our growing love.

I plan to return in 3 to 4 months.  I will begin to save immediately.  This time my trip will be minus all the pitfalls I made on this first trip.  I would like to coincide my trip if and when the fiancee visa project is fully realized.  Please keep me updated on this!


Texas, USA


Dave/Helen,                               April 20, 2007


I had a great time in Russia!!  I owe you, Helen, Elena, Ludmilla, and Andre a very big thank you!!  I cannot imagine how frustrating it would have been without them.

Please give them my best regards and tell them that I was glad I got to meet such nice people on this trip.

There a few thing I would like to request.  After talking to Nastya, she has little idea about what can happen next.  I would like her to contract Helen or someone at your office to give her an "introduction" to the visa process, life in the US, expectations, etc.  I've communicated a lot to her and will continue to do so, but what I can't really do is to tell her what the big cultural differences are.  I know your staff has more knowledge in this area.  I was also hoping that there are some Russian ladies with American husbands in the US that she could communicate with.

I believe that we are at the point where was are moving forward and I wish to have another visit to see her.  I want to book a vacation for both of us...I was thinking the Greek islands.

I would like Nastya to be able to talk to someone at your office anytime she has questions.  I am willing to keep a balance on hand to pay for this service if you will just let me know what I would need to deposit.  Also, do I owe any additional money beyond the $325.00 to your organization for the services they've provided?


You guys are great!! :)



South Carolina (USA)

          Response from Dave Knabel,  A Volga Girl President

Hello Tommy,                             April 21, 2007

I am very happy for you two.  This kind of good news is what makes this business a worthwhile endeavor.  Thanks for the vote of confidence in my company and staff, we really appreciate that.  Nastya, is welcome to talk with my staff at anytime and this is a free service.  As far as talking with a lady from our site you has moved to the US, my wife (Elena), moved here in September 2006 and has adjusted nicely.  Maybe I could arrange a telephone call between them. 

I haven't really heard of any big problems with ladies adjusting to the US.  The biggest hurdle is for them to learn English.  The single most area where you could help her to be more comfortable when moving to the US is English lessons.  You can look at the different package deals on the website and order one, if interested.  We give private lessons from professional English teachers.

Also, when you become engaged, we can assist in the preparation of documents to support your "Fiancée Visa Petition".  The cost for this service is $300 and it starts when you have notified us to proceed.  Helen will make an appointment with Nastya to getting the process going.  Once a petition has been sent to the USCIS, it takes 90 for approval, and another 60 days for the lady to get her VISA.  She will have to go to the US Embassy in Moscow for an interview.

Your deposit on your account covered all costs and you still have a balance remaining.  We are at your service and are prepared to proceed as you request with additional services.


Dave Knabel

"A Volga Girl"



Ryan's search for his perfect Russian bride became a reality in May, 2005, after following the advice and direction of the support staff at International Bureau of Introductions A Volga Girl.
May, 2005
Dear Volga Girl Staff

I wanted to take a few moments and express my appreciation for your help over the past year. I normally do not take the time to write letters like this, but I feel that the service which your company has provided to me is deserving of such a "Thank You". What I appreciated the most was the many times A Volga Girl went the extra mile to make sure everything was taken care of. It is the little things that made me realize that this was an honest and top-notch service.

I remember the first time I received a letter from my fiancée in Togliatti, which was translated by your staff. After reading this letter I thought to myself " What a great translation!"

After sending probably close to 75 letters back and forth between the agency, it is still hard to believe that English is a second language for the Russian girls on your staff. The translations are always perfect, no matter how difficult the subject matter is.

When I traveled to Togliatti for the first time, it was hard for me to decide weather to stay at a hotel or the company apartment. I had been to Russia before (not Togliatti), and I was not very impressed with the standard $60.00 dollar a night hotel rooms. So I decided to try the company apartment. It was definitely the correct choice. The apartment is so much better than a hotel room. This apartment gives you a feeling of being at home. After having stayed in a hotel room in Russia before my visit to Togliatti, it really made me appreciate how nice your apartment was. It is very difficult to find a hotel in Russia with a microwave, stove, dishes, kitchen table a full size refrigerator, couch and chairs, not to mention a nice modern bathroom. The fact that the apartment is so close to the A Volgagirl office, a good restaurant, and a grocery store are a big advantage.

The staff at A Volga Girl is absolutely amazing! They are always pleased to help in any situation. The second time I visited my fiancée in Togliatti, unfortunately my luggage got lost. I never had to worry about trying to locate my luggage. Helen and the staff at A Volga Girl took care of everything. After two days I had my luggage. After having been to Togliatti 3 times (and returning again in the end of February) I feel like Helen and the staff are my friends. I must admit, Russia is a long way from home and it is nice to know that there are people in Togliatti that I can rely on.

After visiting with my fiancée, her family and her friends many times, I have grown to really enjoy the Russian culture. It is amazing how nice I have been treated by everybody in Togliatti. I can say without a doubt that I am engaged to a wonderful, sincere, and honest woman. This whole experience has greatly enriched my life and my view on life.

Ryan Pelzer
South Carolina

Ryan & Irina recently experienced the great joy of having their first child together. Dreams can come true through International Bureau of Introductions A Volga Girl. Many of the Russian girls profiled at A Volga Girl desire to start a new family through a lasting and loving marital relationship.



For those American gentleman who are contemplating becoming involved with a woman from Russia, there is only one answer to making that step a reality: VOLGAGIRL! After having been a client and now happily married, I can't emphasize enough what a wonderful experience you're about to embark on and how easy Volgagirl makes it for you. From my very first encounter with Craig Rich, the owner of Volgagirl, and his lovely wife Arina, through the entire process, at no time was I ever given anything but the truth and very sound advice. To say my new wife Oksana has made me happy is the understatement of the millennium. I've never been happier in my entire life than I am now. And all becasue of this incredible agency in Boonton, New Jersey and Togliatti, Russia. Volgagirl makes everything so easy and so comfortable.

Note:  As of Aug 2006 the company is under new ownership.  Dave was  a Volgagirl client prior to purchasing the company.  He was so satisfied with his Volgagirl experience and his lovely wife, Elena, that he purchased the company.   An outstanding company reputation for providing a quality and honest service was also a deciding factor.  Of course, Dave being an MBA still did extensive review of the company operations prior to making the his final buying decision.


If you listen to Craig and his sage counsel, I just don't see how you can fail. After all, Craig went through a similar experience when he met Arina. Everything Craig told me was exactly as it played out. On my first visit to Russia to meet Oksana in person, It didn't take me long to realize how wonderful her family was. They treated me like a member of their family from day one and any apprehensions I may have had previously were quickly abated. Though we spoke different languages, the smiles and laughter said it all. So if you are really serious about meeting that special someone right for you, I just can't say enough kind things about Volgagirl. Without question Volgagirl is the real thing and can make your dreams come true. You only have to get started.

Sincerely, Ben Seaman, Seattle, Washington




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