Some Interesting Site-Wide Statistics

A Volga Girl's initial Photo Gallery
was comprised of 325 profiles on
February 29, 2000.


(June 2008 gallery) averages
approximately 2040 profiles


Residential demographics
of the ladies profiled:

1439 Togliatti
155 Ulyanovsk
(4 hours by bus from Togliatti)
145 Samara (1 hour by bus from Togliatti)
throughout Russia



122 or 6% of all ladies profiled self-report being fluent in the English language (either levels 4 or 5 as based upon our LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY RATING SCALE).

Many men have asked, "Many of the ladies on your site have been listed for close to 6 years and have either had their address information purchased a number of times or not at all ... are they still available and interesting in meeting a lifetime partner?"

A Volga Girl's Togliatti office contacts all of the ladies within our network at least twice per year, working to verify both address and telephone information when available, and to verify that their intentions and commitment are still strong.

Please be assured that we do everything possible to keep our gallery updated, and remind our client's that we always offer the guarantee to issue additional address and email credits for those ladies that do not respond (within a reasonable amount of time), or ladies that decline your invitation to correspond.

Between March 2000 and June 2008 1,970 ladies have been deleted from the site for reasons ranging from their own requests, to being non-responsive to our male client's initial contacts.  While the ladies profiled on this site are not compelled to answer first-contacts, they are asked to call or write to our Togliatti office if they choose to decline any invitation to correspond.

We have had 100s of engagements and marriages through A Volga Girl with a divorce rate of approximately 5% since March 2000 when we went online.  Below is our thumbnail gallery depicting some of our marriages.


55% of these ladies were profiled one year or more before they became engaged, 36% for 18 months or more, 26% for 2 years or more, and 15% for 30 months or more.

We sincerely hope that these statistics will quell a degree of the anxiety and apprehension that fuels questions about these ladies "losing interest" or "have been on our site too long" or "are no longer available."

An interesting and accepted fact industry-wide:
Only 5% of the men who become involved in foreign correspondence ever make make the trip overseas to meet the women with whom they have been corresponding. A Volga Girl  offers excellent client support, and we sincerely hope that you will eventually decide to make make the trip!



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