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How Many Of These Russian Ladies
That Relocate Actually Get Married?

Dear Helen,

I know that the girls are referred to as mail-order "brides", but how many women that are brought over actually get married? Thanks!


Hello Bailee!

Thank you for addressing me.

I think I would be right if I say that the overwhelming majority of ladies are planning and would like to move to another country to MARRY a decent reliable man.

There is no way a lady can simply "purchase a visa" to, for example, the USA (though it is much simpler with European countries or any other countries). If you live in the USA, there is no way she can come to visit you on a tourist visa. All our ladies travel to the USA on a fiancée visa to be there with their husbands-to-be.

Upon the lady's admission to the USA, the couple has 90 days to make the final decision if they want to get married or not. Within the 90-day visa period the couple either gets married, or the lady travels back to her country. This is a law.

We have had 3 ladies return to Russia before the 90-day visa period had expired, and only 2 ladies out of 45 marriages returned (one divorce and one impending divorce as of June 2005). Of them, I think, two girls returned back to Russia, because they found the place they lived in the USA to be boring. I believe, the reason for such behavior was the ladies' very young age and immaturity, as well as a poor idea of what the places their fiancés live in are like (too little information and too few photos of the place, too little information of the guys' lifestyles).

I hope this has helped.



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