Visitor visa to U.S.

Though we strongly recommend applying for a K1 (fiancee) visa to 100% guarantee bring your Russian lady to the U.S., we still realize that at some point of her new life in the new place she and you may want to share the beauty of her new country with her Russian family and invite them to visit her over there.

A visitor visa to the U.S. still remains a hit-and-miss phenomenon for a Russian citizen, however, in our practice we have prepared quite a number of visitor visa applications for a Russian lady’s family members which later have been successfully approved.

According to U.S. visa laws and regulations, most nonimmigrant visa applicants must demonstrate to the consular officer that they have strong ties to Russia and must show that they intend to depart the United States after their temporary stay. However, at the interview the consul will be more interested in what a Russian lady’s family members have to say rather than what documents they present. So please know: it is a psychological/human factor.

Russian nationals can receive single or multiple entry visitor visas valid for the period of up to three years.

Your request for Visitor Visa support includes:

  • paperwork preparation (the Nonimmigrant Visa Electronic Application DS-160 Form) for each applicant
  • a Russian applicant is required to provide an invitation letter (or scanned/faxed copy) from friends or relatives in the United States describing their relationship and details of his/her proposed trip. Our office will provide you with sample invitation letters, so you and your Russian wife could draw up your own well-written letter and tailor it to your specific situation & dates.
  • you and your Russian wife’s relative(s) will have unlimited consultation on what supporting documentation is best to be presented at the interview at the U.S. embassy, and will have email and phone service for any questions or concerns during the process.
  • your Russian wife’s relative(s) will have our office’s help in scheduling an interview at the U.S. embassy


How long does it take to get all paperwork in order and schedule an appointment at the U.S. embassy for a Russian relative?

That is about a from a couple of hours to just few days process. The day and time of the interview will depend on time slots available at the U.S. embassy itself. So, some preplanning is strongly recommended.

Our Visa Support package includes all of this with no additional charges except for USD $160 application fee as charged by the U.S. government.
The cost for this service is USD $100 for each Russian applicant.

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