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February 2010


International Women's Day History and Today - March 8, 2010.  The first Women's Day took place on the last Sunday in February, 1908. Initiated by socialist women in the United States, the occasion was inspired by a number of issues -- the right to vote, equal wages, and better working conditions for female employees among them. A year later, the second International Conference of Socialist Women approved an International Women's Day, which was held for the first time in 1911.  On March 8 (February 23 on the Gregorian calendar), 1917, thousands of Russian women observed this holiday by protesting food shortages, high prices, the war, and the general suffering they had endured under the Czarist regime. (The Czar was forced to abdicate four days later as a result of that and other strikes.) In 1921, March 8 became the official date for International Women's Day.  No longer an exclusively socialist holiday, International Women's Day is now a time to rally support for women's rights around the world, commemorate the progress we've made, and honor the efforts of individual women who have helped bring about greater equality for all.


This is a cherished Holiday that is much more celebrated than Valentines Day.  There is no better day than Women's Day to show your love and appreciation for the lady you are courting or engaged to.  May we suggest you sent her a gift from our A Volga Girl Gift Shoppe.  Also, the dinner for two at Telega Restaurant was specifically designed for this special occasion. 


December 2009

New hotel opened in Jan 2010 with 10 very nice rooms including one VIP room with it own sauna and lounging area.  Hotel Chocolate is located adjacent to our A Volga Girl Togliatti Office which makes our support services very accessible throughout your trip.  Rooms are 2000 rubles for a single occupancy and 2500 rubles for double occupancy ($70-$85 US dollars) with the VIP room costing $140-$170 per night.  This hotel has the latest modern conveniences and amenities including TV, DVD, telephone, free wi-fi access and mini-bar in the rooms and free breakfast, sauna and swimming pool on the premises.  You can even register for your stay on their English website and pay with a charge card or debit card.  Please check out the Hotel Chocolate at http://en.chocolate-hotel.ru/.

Grand Opening of Canadian Office:
 Due to the increased demand for our services and numerous Canadian clients, we have now opened a new representative office in Martensville, Saskatchewan. The Canadian Office Manager's name is Mark Scrivener who is also A Volga Girl client and was so impressed with our marriage services and integrity, he joined the company. Canadian clients, please contact Mark in Canada at 1-866-432-5868 or mark@volgagirl.com


November 2008

A Volga Girl the Movie.  A contract was signed between National Geographic TV and PSG Films from Seattle, Washington to produce a one hour TV documentary on "Email Order Brides".  Of the over 200 marriage agencies worldwide, A Volga Girl was selected to be featured in this documentary.  This show should be the first honest depiction of a actual marriage agency and the huge interest for males seeking a foreign bride with traditional values.  The first shooting started with the A Volga Girl Company President and his Russian wife, David and Elena Knabel.  In addition, two active clients will be filmed through the courting, engagement and marriage process in Togliatti, Russia and in the US.  Also, the A Volga Girl Office staff were interviewed in Togliatti as were several of the ladies featured on this website.  Release and showing  of the TV documentary is scheduled to begin showing worldwide in the summer and fall of 2009.


February 2007

.A Volga Girl is pleased to announce our "7th Annual" 2007 International Women's Day Banquet on Friday March 2, 2007 at  the Pearl Of The Zhiguli Restaurant. 

This is a cherished event for all Russian ladies celebrating both the historical and present day contributions of women to mother Russia.  What a better way to show your lady you care by inviting her to this time honored event.  She will get to mingle with other Volgagirl ladies, make new friends and get encouragement during their courtship with a foreign gentlemen.  See the details at this BANQUET LINK.


January 2007

Togliatti's Fabulous Military Museum--a must see!  


Togliatti technical museum was opened on November 7, 2001.  It presents exhibits from "a calculating machine to a submarine". The idea of the museum is to show the technical history of the country. A wide range of airplanes (from MiG -15UTI to MiG-31; also, Yak-27R, Su-17M, Tu-16, An-26, Il-14), helicopters, pilotless aircrafts, passenger planes.  Also, a great variety of tanks: from T-34 to T-80, all kinds of retrievers (a special tank designed as a sort of "wrecker" for tanks), armored infantry fighting vehicles, armored transport vehicles, armored patrol vehicles, and more.  There is even a collection of old cars, too.

Nearby are strategic missiles, tactic missiles, antiaircraft missiles, and different sorts of multiple rocket launchers – from the legendary Katyusha to modern ones. For marine fans there are a lot of interesting things, too: artillery units, mines, torpedoes, even mine dragnets. You can also find steam locomotives, handcars, even a real locomotive shed here. Besides, there are also over 200 items of military equipment, utensils. A great number of these things date back to the 19th and even the 18th centuries. The museum received the majority of the exhibits from different individuals. Nearly all items of military equipment are evidence of battles in the Civil war and World War II, and were found by search clubs.

 Now the technical museum in Togliatti can be considered one of the biggest museum parks in Russia. It covers 38 hectares, and shows over 460 big exhibits and around 3000 small ones. Its collection also includes samples of weapons of WW I and WW II. Some of its exhibits are absolutely unique.

On a local scale, in 2003 the museum was awarded as the biggest tourist attraction in Samara region.


December 2006

Shopping in Togliatti--can anyone say Mall! 

Park House - Togliatti's Newest and Most Modern Mall is open for business.  See it all and get the story by CLICKING HERE.



December 2005

A Volga Girl is proud to announce our New Year's 2006 Women's Banquet. The ladies attending this dinner usually spend some of the evening sharing, comparing & supporting each other's efforts to find & marry an American or other western-oriented man. This is our premier banquet of the year, dedicated and attended by women only. READ THE DETAILS ABOUT THIS EXCITING EVENT HERE.

A Volga Girl has seen a flurry of new clients recently based upon two worldwide media releases. Both REUTERS International News Service and MAXIM Men's Magazine have turned to Volgagirl, Ltd. because they knew they could depend on honest and straight-forward information when it comes to Russian brides.

The Ask Helen section of our web site (begun in January 2005) has been a resounding success and an important informational tool that many of our clients have utilized. Russian Office Manager Helen Bessonova is available to answer your specific questions about both Russian women and Russian culture. Helen has 5 years exemplary tenure with Volgagirl, Ltd. and is major factor in our company's efficiency, effectiveness, and overall success. CONSIDER REVIEWING SOME QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS THAT MIGHT GREATLY BENEFIT YOU.


February 2005

A Volga Girl is proud to announce our 5th Annual International Women's Day Banquet. Widely celebrated in Russia, this March 8th holiday is an excellent opportunity to let your special lady know that you care. Read about the history of International Women's Day and the specifics surrounding our Thursday, March 3rd Banquet HERE.

We have added some important additional information and photo illustrations to our page detailing your movements once you arrive at Moscow Airport (SVO). MOSCOW AIRPORT TRAVEL INSTRUCTIONS HERE


January 2005

RUSSIAN CURRENCY BOTH OLD AND NEW. View some Russian currency that dates back some time, as well as examining the current issues of Russian paper money denominations.

Winter Photo Specials at A Volga Girl. All during the month of January and for all gift orders with Courier Delivery ... receive a FREE ADDITIONAL PHOTO of your special lady receiving your gifts. TAKE A LOOK

A Volga Girl
is pleased to announce an educational and informative new aspect of our web site. Ask Helen features both questions and answers posed to our Togliatti, Russia Office Manager Ms. Helen Bessonova. DETAILS ARE HERE

Some posters of pre-revolution Russia and some from Soviet times are detailed here. We show you some "charity posters" from 1899 through 1914, and some posters painted and displayed between the years 1923 and 1951. VIEW POSTERS HERE

Winter in Togliatti is now in full bloom, though conditions can vary widely from week-to-week. We bring you two video-shorts here to reflect how the local weather can quickly change.    VIEW VIDEOS HERE

These military and civilian honors are quite interesting, and hearken back to a point in time when Russia's virtual survival was at stake. MILITARY AND CIVILIAN MEDALS OF IMPERIAL RUSSIA AND THE FORMER SOVIET UNION.


December 2004

Russia's largest automobile producer VAZ is not only situated in Togliatti proper, but employs tens of thousands of local residents and is the economic mainstay of this city of close to 1 million residents. Here we have comprised a short history, including descriptions and photos of many of the VAZ most popular models.  TAKE A LOOK


Our New Year's 2005 Women's Banquet was an elegant and exciting evening filled with good conversation, an important exchange of information, laughter and fun.  BANQUET PHOTOS HERE

November 2004

A Volga Girl is pleased to announce that we will hold our New Year's 2005 Women's Banquet on Thursday evening December 23. One of our renowned women's banquets are the very best way to let her know that you care. SEE DETAILS HERE

Many clients have asked questions about how their future bride will adjust when she comes to the United States without speaking fluent English. HERE IS AN ANSWER

It has now been six (6) years since A Volga Girl co-founder Arina Sokolova Rich first arrived in New Jersey. Arina has posted a review of each year that has passed. See 2004 HIGHLIGHTS HERE


September 2004

On Wednesday, August 25, A Volga Girl  held it's 5th Annual Summer Women's Banquet. A great time was had by all, and two American men were visiting at the time. SEE SOME HIGHLIGHTS HERE

One of the ways that our company market's itself in Russia is to hold public presentations for ladies that might be interested in being profiled on our site. One such presentation was held in August. FIND OUT MORE HERE


June 2004

Some photos from one of Togliatti's many  small neighborhood outdoor markets. TAKE A LOOK

Renovations on the company apartment are now complete. We sincerely hope that clients will consider these accommodations when planning their future visit to Togliatti. DETAILS HERE

Togliatti largest shopping venue Mall Rus has undergone some modernization and renovation. A visit to this mall is a stock-and-trade attraction for any of our visitors. VISIT THIS MALL IN ADVANCE OF YOUR TRIP


A Volga Girl's Summer 2004 Women's Banquet will be held on Wednesday, August 24. While we usually do not post a banquet date this early in advance, a number of clients have expressed interest in securing a date around which they can plan a Togliatti visit. The location will be Pearl of the Zhiguli Restaurant & Banquet Hall. Our women's banquets are an opportunity to invite your special lady to an elaborate party where she can meet and visit with other ladies who are in all phases of the relationship-building process. TAKE A LOOK AT A PREVIOUS SUMMER WOMEN'S BANQUET ADVERTISEMENT HERE.



The Avtozavodsky Market in the New Town district of Togliatti is the city's largest. Over the years we have featured many photos of  this market. Here are some more, and  around back is where one would shop when they are in need of some home improvements. PHOTOS HERE


Have you ever wondered what on old style Russian village looked like? Many ladies in correspondence will make reference in their letters to "the village". TAKE A LOOK


"What's the price of automobile gasoline these days in Russia?" Back in January 2001 we took a look. Here we revisit the subject. Today's gasoline prices in Russia.


Togliatti has an excellent new restaurant. Fortunately, Telega is located just minutes and within walking distance of our offices,  Hotel Lada-Voschod, and the company-owned apartment. View Photos Here.


April 2004

Having some apprehensions about traveling through Sheremytevo Airport (SVO) in Moscow? Please review our step-by-step guide making your travel between the international and domestic terminals on your way to Togliatti that much easier. DETAILS HERE.


We are pleased to offer this link to an article entitled "Easter In Russia." While it was written in 2001, it offers some keen insight into both religious and cultural practices surrounding the celebration of this most somber holiday throughout today's Russia.

Take a look at these photos from our recent International Women's Day Banquet.


February 2004


A Volga Girl is pleased to announce our 4th Annual International Women's Day Banquet. This year's banquet will be held at the elegantly themed *Ilya Muromets (see explanation below) Restaurant on Thursday, March 4. Our banquets are very special events. Show your special someone that you really care.                DETAILS HERE




The first Women's Day took place on the last Sunday in February, 1908. Initiated by socialist women in the United States, the occasion was inspired by a number of issues -- the right to vote, equal wages, and better working conditions for female employees among them. A year later, the second International Conference of Socialist Women approved an International Women's Day, which was held for the first time in 1911.

On March 8 (February 23 on the Gregorian calendar), 1917, thousands of Russian women observed this holiday by protesting food shortages, high prices, the war, and the general suffering they had endured under the Czarist regime. (The Czar was forced to abdicate four days later as a result of that and other strikes.) In 1921, March 8 became the official date for International Women's Day.

No longer an exclusively socialist holiday, International Women's Day is now a time to rally support for women's rights around the world, commemorate the progress we've made, and honor the efforts of individual women who have helped bring about greater equality for all.


by Valery Kizilov

A folk-hero of Russian bylinas, the greatest bogatyr. He is the son of a farmer, and was born in village Karacharovo, near Murom. As a child Ilya Muromets was gravely ill and could not even move before 33 years. Later he was cured by an old singer, and a Svyatogor-bogatyr, dying, gave him his strength. Muromets went to the capital to be a warrior of Prince Vladimir the Red Sun. He defeated Solovey-Razboynik, a monster who lived in forests and which could kill people by screaming. Therefore Ilya became the Vladimir`s chief bogatyr. When Russia was attacked by Kalin, the tsar of steppe nomads, Ilya Muromets defeated him. Later, he kept the border against invaders, liberated Kiev from Idolishche, and performed many other feats.  


January 2004

        To celebrate our 4-Year Online Anniversary, A Volga Girl  offers all
        downloads in our Instant Video Gallery completely FREE OF CHARGE
        through February 29th, 2004.

n December 23, 2003, A Volga Girl  held it's annual New Year's 2004 Women's Banquet & Dance Party.

        On December 15, 2003, A Volga Girl sponsored a company presentation
        aimed at attracting interested ladies living in Togliatti to register their
        photos and profile data with our web site. DETAILS HERE


         A Volga Girl is pleased to announce that the company can now offer a
        completely renovated one-bedroom apartment available for rental
        beginning in May 2004. Take a look at how the construction is going.


September 2003

As Arina (Sokolova) Rich approaches the 5th anniversary of her arrival in America, she has graciously comprised another update to Arina's Story.

Arina's Story Part IV

A Volga Girl
is pleased to offer a special opportunity for men who choose not to correspond for a some months to visit Togliatti while taking an alternate approach to finding the Russian woman that is right for them.

Spend New Year's 2004 In Togliatti!

After 4 years, A Volga Girl has completely redesigned our web site to better serve our clients. We sincerely hope that our new design allows our clients to explore and utilize our site functions with greater ease. For newer clients, we have archived a screenshot of our original  site.


August 2003

A Volga Girl's Summer 2003 Women's Banquet was a special event for all of the ladies in attendance. Consider inviting your special lady to our New Year's 2004 Banquet and Dance Party (to be held December 24, 2003).

Summer 2003 Women's Banquet

General Information about A Volga Girl's Women's Banquets

July 2003

The summer months are a time when many of our clients choose to visit Togliatti to meet the ladies with whom they have been corresponding. This July was was a charm for 6 couples who became engaged. You can view July's engagements here.

April 2, 2003

2003 International Women's Day Banquet

A Volga Girl's Success Gallery

Some Interesting Site-Wide Statistics

January 20, 2003

How We Advertise in Russia

January 11, 2003

Our 2003 New Year's Banquet was a resounding success with 27 participants. We offer the following photos for your review, and ask you to consider inviting your special lady to a banquet in the future. The women in attendance were in various stages of their relationships, some having already entertained visitors resulting in their engagement. A Volga Girl sponsors women's banquets at New Year's, International Women's Day (March 8) and a Summer Banquet.

2003 New Year's Banquet

August 8, 2002

3rd Annual A Volga Girl Company Presentation

Summer 2002 Women's Banquet

January 25, 2002

The Moscow Times is an English-language daily offering nationwide Russian news


January 10, 2002

A Volga Girl had outgrown our previous office quarters, had located an improved property in August, and in November 2001 moved to a Togliatti district that is far better suited for hosting the increasing numbers of American and other foreign visitors in search of their ideal Russian partners.


Our recent New Year's 2002 Banquet & Dance Party was a resounding success! Many of the ladies in attendance are already engaged, while the others were either awaiting the arrival of their prospective husbands, or hopeful that they will eventually come for an in-person meeting.


What is the cost of gasoline in Togliatti?

July 25, 2001

Recently returned from a trip to Togliatti, we have made additions to our Togliatti Photo Gallery, including some nice shots of life in a small village approximately 50 minutes outside Togliatti.

Togliatti Photo Gallery Update

Written by a client who recently spent 3 weeks in Togliatti --this TESTIMONIAL provides one man's honest assessment of his experience.

March 17, 2001

It's been one year since A Volga Girl made it's Internet debut. Since that time the original Volga Girl Arina Sokolova Rich has experienced an additional year of married life & living in America.


March 9, 2001

A Volga Girl held it's 1st Annual International Women's Day Banquet. International Women's Day is widely celebrated throughout Russia. The evening was dedicated to honoring women everywhere. 11 ladies profiled on our site were extended special invitations by the men with whom they are corresponding. The evening was hosted by the entire A Volga Girl staff. An excellent time was had by all.

February 26, 2001

Many of our clients throughout the United States and western Europe are sport fishermen. Here is an interesting link that profiles many of the fish found in the mighty Volga. Togliatti (Russian office location of A Volga Girl) is situated on the Volga River, Russia's largest.

The Many Fish of the Volga River

Here is a site that contains hundreds of photograph of all aspects of the old Russian Empire.


January 2004

January 19, 2001

Many clients are inquisitive about the standard of living in Russia, especially those men who have already made commitments to visit Togliatti. When they are not trying to think about the ladies that they will soon visit, they often are pondering other aspects of Russian society ...

New additions to our pages featuring a Photo Tour of Togliatti

Our translators have birthday party's too!

Best ticket prices to Togliatti

Recent Media Coverage


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