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This map of Russia shows the location of Togliatti in relation to Moscow. The Russian office of A Volga Girl are situated 600 miles southeast of Moscow.


90% of the VolgaGirls live within a two-hour radius  of downtown Togliatti, thus providing our male clients with an opportunity to personally meet a number of  women with whom they have already established a  foundational base upon which they can further build.

NOTE:  USA Clients.  Know that it is a legal necessity for US citizens to have the all important face-to-face meeting with their Russian sweetheart prior to becoming engaged and applying for the K-1 Fiancée Visa.  Once engaged the application for the Fiancée Visa needs to be prepared and submitted to the US Citizen and Immigration Service (USCIS) by the Petitioner (A Volga Girl client).  Approval of the Fiancée Visa normally takes 90 days.  The approved application is than forwarded to the US Embassy in Moscow (by the USCIS) and a interview is scheduled within 60 days for your fiancée.  For clients and ladies using our Fiancée Visa Support service, we have had 100% success rate in ladies receiving their Visas to travel to the US for marriage.  When a lady arrives in the US, she has 90 days to get married or she must return to Russia.  Also, once the Fiancée Visa is obtain the lady has 6 months to travel to the US and a Fiancée Visa must be applied for within 2 years of the face-to-face visit with your lady.

Upon your arrival in Togliatti, our on-site A Volga Girl staff will make every  attempt to provide you with the highest level of personalized attention,  guidance and support. One of our company employees will greet you  at the airport with waiting transportation. If your visit is focused upon a greatly anticipated meeting with one special-someone, she too can be waiting upon the runway ramp as well.        

The direct trip to your hotel or apartment accommodations after your long trip will  surely be welcomed. We offer the choice of accommodations at three establishments. The Company's 3-room luxury apartment, the Hotel Chocolate and the Hotel Lada-Voskhod  are all a mere block away from our full service office in Togliatti,  Russia. Photos and explanations describing the apartment and each hotel are included herein.  Visitors are asked to make a choice between the two hotels or the company luxury apartment on A Volga Girl's Trip Registration Form.

Samara Airport
60 minutes by car from your ultimate destination


Hotel Lada-Voskhod

Samara Airport is a 60 minute drive from the Russian offices of mail order bride site A Volga Girl.
Hotel Lada-Voskhod is located a mere 5 minute walk from A Volga Girl's Togliatti office.


After an orientation with our Office Manager,  Ms. Helen Bessonova, we are confident that any fears or anxieties about the upcoming days will soon diminish. We expect that you will be brimming with excitement -- as you well should be. 







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