Canadian Visa Support

The Volgagirl office can assist Canadian men

- to obtain a visa to travel to Russia (tourist voucher / confirmation for hotel stay payment)

- to invite a lady to visit or migrate to Canada, or

- to obtain document translations to get married outside Canada.

For Canadian men planning a trip to Russia you will need, along with a valid Canadian passport, a Russian “tourist” class visa. Please contact for the type of visa you require. Their website includes a document checklist, Russian visa application download and fee schedule.

Temporary Resident (Visitor) Visa to Canada (TRV):

The Canadian immigration system does not have a fiance visa. After you have corresponded with, and travelled to Russia to meet with a lady and you desire to invite her to visit you in Canada you must apply for a “temporary resident visa” (TRV). This visa application must be made at the Canadian consulate in Moscow, Russia. Important: We strongly recommend you do not use “do it yourself” documents!

Along with a completed TRV application you will also need the following documentation – from the person inviting:

1) Affidavit of Support
2) Invitation Letter
3) Proof of Canadian citizenship or Permanent residency
4) A letter from your employer stating length and nature of employment
5) The most recent “notice of assessment” from Revenue Canada
6) Proof of visit to Russia (copy of stamped Russian visa)

The support affidavit and invitation letter should be professionally prepared and all documents need to be notarized.

– from the person being invited:

1) Completed Canadian temporary resident application form
2) Valid Russian travel passport
3) Two current passport photos
4) Proof of vacation time from the employer for length of stay in Canada
5) Proof of property ownership and investments in Russia (if any) and a current bank statement
6) TRV application fee

Wedding outside Canada:

Couples planning on having a wedding ceremony in Russia or elsewhere may require documents and translations where our Russian office may be able to assist.

Permanent Resident Visa to Canada (PRV):

If you are a citizen or permanent resident of Canada, you can sponsor your spouse to immigrate to Canada, for which you apply for Permanent Resident Visa.

The list of documents & application forms for PRV in many ways resembles the list of those for TRV, except it is more extensive for PRV.

Important: All supporting documentation must be translated into the English language. Our Russian office in Togliatti can assist in document translation and completing the TRV & PRV application form. As fees and visa processing schedules at Canadian embassies change from time to time please visit / for recent updates.

Through our past experiences and our commitment to help you, we can make your relationship and marriage develop as smooth as possible.

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