"Our clients have always had toll-free client support from our Kentucky office. Now we are offering you the valuable resource of a Russian lady's point of view."

Ms. Helen Bessonova  and the rest of A Volga Girl's Togliatti office staff register all of the Russian girls who seek to become Russian mail order brides. Helen is always available to answer any of your questions about Russian women as it may pertain to your search in finding your sutiable Russian brides.


Hello Dear Gentlemen!

We start the Year Of 2007 reporting tremendous successes in 2006 with the largest number of engagements in the company's seven year history!  The great news for gentlemen in the US is that the USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) has streamlined their Fiancée VISA application process and now are approving applications within their stated guideline times of 90 days.  This has greatly encouraged our gentlemen in pursuing our lovely ladies.

I realize that for many of you to make up your mind and to start looking for a lady outside your country is a very responsible and serious step, even probably a risky one (as you may consider it). This is the reason why I am here for you: to encourage and help you through giving you more details and explanations, sharing impressions of mine.

I believe, to see the "problem"/ "issue" from different points of view – from the viewpoint of an American man and from the viewpoint of a Russian lady – can be very helpful.

Doubts and fear can often be based upon a lack of information. When in doubt, please feel free to submit your questions. My answers are based on the personal experience I have gained through working for the agency for over 5 years now, with close to 90 couples having met in-person, becoming engaged and ultimately married through our company efforts. I do look forward to serving you all.

Helen Bessonova
Russian Operations & Office Manager


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December 2006


Helen's Biography:
Ms. Helen Bessonova first joined the staff of A Volga Girl in the spring of 2001. She was teaching English language skills and literature at a Togliatti University, and an immediate identification of her superb language skills, talent at organization and detail, and her keen intellect made luring her away from an academic environment a number one company priority. Helen was elevated to the position of Office Manager in December 2002 when another of our company's most valuable players, Tatiana Vladelshchikova, reunited with her soon-to-be husband Adam in beautiful and sunny Boynton Beach, Florida.


Over the past four years Helen has been the company "guiding light" in Togliatti. Along with the rest of the Volgagirl Russian office staff, Helen has been a "guiding light" for dozens of visitors who have come to Togliatti to meet those special ladies with whom they had kept email correspondence. While I am always just a toll-free telephone call away in A Volga Girl's Kentucky office, clients have until this time been strictly limited in their interaction with our Russian office personnel. It is with pleasure that Helen is now willing and available to field reasonable questions, the answers of which stand to provide additional insights and information to the online clients who utilize our web site. The purpose of this question and answer forum is not for Helen to provide personal impressions about any specific ladies that are profiled on this site. So please ..... do not ask.

The primary purpose of this ASK HELEN section of our a comprehensive web site is to provide substantive discussion on a scope and depth that is usually not found in the common Frequently Asked Questions portion of other related web sites. We look forward to regular postings of the relevant questions posed and skillfully crafted answers that Helen will have to offer. At times I myself will provide alternative viewpoints and considerations if I believe that I can offer additional information of value.

Always calm and courteous -- Helen will frequently present a point of view that will bring new correspondence issues and considerations to light. For those Volgagirl clients who have already met Ms. Helen Bessonova, we will gladly post any comments or opinions that you might have concerning a host of issues, including your own experiences in dealing directly with our Togliatti office during any of your prior visits.


We look forward to your active participation,

David L. Knabel
President, A Volga Girl

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