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Dear Helen,

I am seriously considering becoming involved with a Russian bride service. I am just the average Joe American. I don't make a lot of money, I am not the hottest catch around catch, but I am a real nice person with some exceptional qualities. I stay in good physical shape and I live in a really great part of America. A little place called Spokane, Washington. It is the perfect mix between big city and small town. Very comfortable living.

I can't necessarily rescue any one, but if I found a professional, I believe together we could have a real nice life. I work for an insurance company and while it is not the best living in the world -- I do alright. Would it really be worth my time being an average Joe trying to win someone half-way around the world?


Washington State


Hello Cameron!

Thank you for addressing me.
I would like to tell you, first of all, that the majority of our clients are just average people from America or some other country. I think I would be right if I assume that very few ladies would expect to find a rich guy (dreams are always dreams, though).

I believe, the majority of women who address such agencies are looking for stability in a relationship, including financial stability. I cannot conceal that here in Russia most ladies feel insecure, do not know what to expect in the future, and are just overloaded with housework and everyday worries and cares about children. Naturally, they want more stability and a life, which will be at least a little easier than they have here.

A sober, reasonable lady should realize that there are not so many rich men in the world. On the other hand, ladies can have some idealistic image of your country, for some of them it can be associated with Hollywood. Though, here we try to have them understand that life everywhere can have its difficulties and worries, nobody but you, an American guy, can give the lady you would correspond with a better idea of your life over there, in the USA.

What is it like to live in your part of the USA? How big is your city? What is it like? Are there many things to do there? What kind of life can you provide your lady with? I would think that the answer to this question should cover all sorts of things from some everyday issues (like if you live in a house/apartment; domestic electric appliances, TV and DVD, a car, which is always fun to know) to traveling (around the USA? To other countries? Most people in Russia have traveled little, that is why ladies often state in their profiles that they would like to travel. Give them an idea if it would be possible for you to travel or not. If possible, where? How often? Also, the question if she would be able to come to see her family in Russia once a year is also very important for all ladies). Would you like her to work? Most women (though not all of them) express their wish to work, mostly part-time, though.

What kind of job would she be able to find in your place? I understand that this question is a sort of difficult to answer, but at least some general ideas would be helpful and appreciated, I believe.

If the lady has a kid, then probably she would like to know what kind of education her child would be able to get in the USA. Or what kind of education your mutual future children would be able to get.

As always, I would think that the more serious your correspondence is getting to be, the more detailed and specific your description/ answers should be (of course, as long as your lady would be interested in them). I believe, this tactics can help avoiding disappointment in the future (if/when lady arrives in your place and finds that reality is far from what she pictured to herself).

Sometimes ladies feel shy to ask questions of this sort. I think you can be initiative here and just cover the issues above yourself.

Once again – thank you for your question.
And I hope to see you as a VolgaGirl client.




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