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The Russian Woman's Attitude
About Leaving Mother Russia

Hi Helen,

This is Rick from Las Vegas, Nevada I have received a few inquiries from A Volga Girl's free Men's Catalog. But it seems that alot of the girls are happy living where they are. I would like to find a girl who is happy about the possibility of moving here. What is the attitude of most of the girls, about possibly meeting an American, as a future husband? To be honest with you. If the situation was turned around, and I was facing the possibility of leaving the USA. I would be scared to death. Here in the US, we have our problems. There is no perfect place. We have our good and bad here. How do the girls view this country? Do they see it as good place, or a bad place? Just curious about what you think. By the way, I like your picture as well. You are a very pretty girl. Take care.

Rick, Nevada


Hello Rick,

First of all, I would say that we inform any lady who gets registered with the agency that in the future she may possibly move to another country, to the country of her probable future husband. There are some ladies who would ask if there were any cases when a foreign man would move here. Our agency has not had such practice.

I think I would be right if I say that the overwhelming majority of ladies ARE planning and would LIKE to move to another country to marry a decent reliable man. You say, that it seems a lot of girls are happy living where they are. Well, what would you feel if a lady started complaining about her poor living here? Started saying how much she wants to leave Russia? Wouldn't it make you feel like she would probably do anything (and use you) to move to another country? Wouldn't you suspect that you are just a means for her to come to the USA? Ladies can have problems here, and can be happy here, because this is the place where they were born and they know the ways here, traditions, customs, etc. But they all miss a reliable man in their life.

I think we only had two girls who returned back to Russia, because they found the place they lived in the USA to be boring. I believe, the reason for such behavior was the ladies' very young age and immaturity, as well as a poor idea of what the places their fiancés live in are like (too little information and too few photos of the place, too little information of the guys' lifestyles).

Now this takes us, I believe, to the next question of yours.

I would not conceal that a number of ladies may have an idealistic idea of the US, something like Hollywood. Though, we do try to give them some glimpse into what is like, explaining that there can be hardships and problems everywhere, in any country, and everywhere you have to work and put effort in your relationship, activity, work, etc. Still, YOUR true story about your place, your lifestyle, in detail, possibly with photos, would be the best source of information for her.


PS. Thank you for the compliment, Rick! That's very nice of you.


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