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Dear Helen,

I stumbled arcoss your web site and thought I would take a look. I was very impressed with the number of very lovely women on your main photo gallery. I have heard of Russian ladies looking but never gave look a second chance because of the underworlds of the 'cold war' and the thought of possibly bringing a 'spy' into the country through a site like this. Please don't be offended by my concern, it is not ment to be. But since times have changed I feel more at ease, hence me looking. One thing I am somewhat uncomfortable with, and I hope you can help me, is what are the chances of a Russian lady marrying me just to be able to come to America. Divorse is not illegal but I would hate to be used as a 'visa'. I try not to be paranoid but sometimes I can't help but wonder. I find quite a few American women are spoiled, greedy and want someone to support them while they have fun. I am not in to this. The older I get the harder it is to find someone who is legitimate. What are the Russian ladies looking for and what are their intentions? I also wonder...I love my country and I am not ready to leave....I'd hate to think I took a woman from her homeland and she be homesick while away. Please put me at ease if you can. I am new at this and I am very curious.
Thank you,



Hello Bret,

First of all, I would say that we inform any lady who gets registered within our agency knows that in the future she may possibly move to another country, to the country of her probable future husband. There are some ladies who would ask if there were any cases when a foreign man would move here. Our agency has not had such practice. It is natural if a lady would feel homesick. It is your "job" to do it so that she feels comfortable at your place and to overcome possible difficulties together. Besides, there may be an opportunity for her, or for you together, to travel to her country once or twice a year? Let her know about it then!

I think I would be right if I say that the overwhelming majority of ladies are planning and would like to move to another country to marry a decent reliable man. Ladies can have problems here, and can be happy here, because this is the place where they were born and they know the ways here, traditions, customs, etc. But they all miss a reliable man in their life, as living alone for an average woman in Russia is a pretty tough task. I believe, the majority of women who address such agencies are looking for stability in a relationship, including financial stability. I cannot conceal that here in Russia many ladies feel insecure, do not know what to expect in the future, and are just overloaded with housework and everyday worries and cares about children. Naturally, they want more stability and a life, which will be somewhat easier than they have here.

As for your question concerning ladies using you as a "visa", there is always a chance that you may come across a scammer. I believe, first of all, scammers start asking for money making up all sorts of "decent" reasons for that (like she needs the money to pay for Internet/ for a visit to an internet café in order to email you her letters, or like she needs money for a medical operation, etc.). Or she may ask for money to be sent so she could secure a visa to visit you in the United States. The fact is the US government does not issue visitor or tourist visas to Russian ladies (and these ladies most likely know that). She may ask for money for a trip to, let's say, Europe, where she can meet you – this also can be treated as a red flag. Why not have you as a guest at her town/city?


If you suggest you travel to her city, and she starts trying to bring you over (while if she was serious, she should be quite encouraged by your desire to visit her), making up reasons for not inviting you to her place.

When you are in her city, she does not invite you to her home, does not introduce you to her family and friends, does not take you for a walk to show you around the city (because, as she explains, it is not safe as you are a foreigner, while most probably she is just afraid that her friends/ acquaintances will see you and her together).

She may start to show too much affection to you after you have exchanged only a few letters – this also can be treated as a red flag.

Plus, another red flag: if in your personal correspondence she is more curious to know what job/ education opportunities she may have in your country rather than being interested in you personally, in your life style and possible family life with you.

To avoid getting scammed, you should address a reputable agency which will be a sort of mediator between you and the ladies, and which will be able to protect you from gold-diggers.

I hope this has helped.




Hello Again Helen,

I want to thank you for your respnse to my letter. Your information has put me more at ease with my concerns. I have been scammed a couple of time in my own country because of my heart for peopel. I was chatting witha lady the other day who tried to scam me saying she needed money for her mortagage. I want to meet someone, get to know them, fall in love and get married and have the house with the white picket fence. Simple task. Just wanrt to make the right choice.

Thank you again and I will be looking further into becoming a member of your agency.




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