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IMPORTANT: If there is a possible relationship forming we strongly suggest you keep all the documents related to your relationship (including your correspondence) and to your in-person meeting (including your photos together).

A Russian Lady cannot travel to the USA without obtaining either a Fiancee VISA or a Dependent VISA. The Fiancee VISA process requires you to meet her in person and submit a Petition for her to obtain a VISA through the Dept of Homeland Security.

How long from an engagement does it take to get all paperwork in order? In other words, how long does the total process take?

  1. From an engagement to complete paperwork (I-129, Fiancee Petition) it takes about one to two weeks.  This assumes you get documents from your lady in Togliatti and have our Russian Office translate them before you leave.  That is about a 3 hours process.
  2. Total process from submission of I-129 to the lady's arrival is about 5 months (90 days for Petition approval by USCIS and two months for interview at the USA Embassy in Moscow and attainment of VISA).

If you were to travel to Russia and marry, you could also Petition for a Dependent VISA which could take up to a year to receive a lady's VISA to travel to the USA.

We help in completing the Fiancee VISA package (I-129) and other forms and documents for your Petition submission. Finally, we prepare your fiancee for the VISA Interview in Moscow at the USA Embassy.

Your request for Visa support includes Personalized Support for the entire Visa Application and Interview Process as follows:

  1. Our Russian office will translate required documentation of your fiancee including birth certificate, divorce decree (if applicable), other legal documentation and passport information as necessary to complete the G-325A and I-129F.  The Russian Office Manager will provide certified letters stating her qualifications for translating these documents (required for submission to USCIS).
  2. In addition, you will have unlimited consultation for both you and your fiancee throughout the process.  It includes all forms required for your submission to the USCIS (provided via email file), a listing of supporting documentations needed for the Petition Package, and email and phone service for any questions or concerns during the process.
  3. Preparation, support and translation of the forms provided by the US Embassy in Moscow for your fiancee to fill out prior to the interview.

To date, we have not ever had anyone turned down for a Fiancee Visa who consulted with our agency prior to submitting a Fiancee Visa Petition.  We plan on keeping that record intact.  Many clients processing VISA Petitions contract an immigration attorney for these services and they charge USD $4000 or more.  We have had 100% success in obtaining VISA for our clients.

Our Visa Support package includes all of this with no additional charges except for normal mailing costs to transport documents to and from Togliatti.

The cost for this service is USD $500 (if you want to fill out your portion of paperwork yourself & send us for our review) or USD $750 (if you want us to fill out your portion of paperwork for you)

You can order our Fiancee Visa Support service here

Wedding outside the U.S.:

Couples planning on having a wedding ceremony in Russia or elsewhere may require documents and translations where our Russian office may be able to assist.

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