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As time has come, we are deleting our extensive but old video gallery as it was created a number of years ago - to eventually build a new video gallery which will be filled with new up-to-date ladies' videos. In fact, we already have the first up-to-date video - that of Victoria 4248. Updates will only be made as more ladies will be willing to cooperate with us in the video making and to submit their short videos, which is absolutely their choice. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


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Instant Videos are a wonderful way to assist you in making decisions about which ladies you would like
to correspond with.

Each lady in our Instant Video Gallery has recorded a video in a serious attempt to attract additional attention to herself through this web site. You will find each subject to be quite serious, calm, and speaking directly to the camera. Each video runs around 60 seconds in duration.

Once you have created a user name and password , you can simply LOGIN from our home page & look for the "instant video" button located on the top of selected girl's profile pages when viewing profiles through our Main Photo Gallery, or click through our link to the Instant Video Gallery


Our free Russian girl videos are filmed right in our Togliatti, Russia office. Your ability to find a Russian wife has never been easier!



Our high quality MPEG videos do not playback using "Quicktime" software, nor do they playback using any "Real" video software. We suggest downloading Windows Media Player directly from the Microsoft site.


Additionally, our video files will download as a ZIP file. You may download a trial version of WinZip here:





A Volga Girl features over 400 mpeg videos of Russian mail order brides.



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