A.KORKUNOV® assortment of dark and/or milk chocolate candies. Filling: nut praline, whole and/or crushed Piedmont hazelnuts (Tonda Gentile Trilobata - finest hazelnuts from the Piedmont region of Italy). Original recipes are based on modern technology and the best traditions of Russian chocolate making.
A.KORKUNOV® is one of the leading chocolate confectionery brands in Russia, and since launch A.KORKUNOV® brand has been positioned in the premium segment of the Russian chocolate market.

The packaging looks festive and expensive, aristocratic, elegant -- exquisite taste and packaging make this chocolate a fancy and unusual gift - a perfect item for all chocolate lovers!


Ptichye Volshebstvo

Delicate souffle with cream, lemon and creme brulee flavored fillings enrobed with chocolate glaze
These chocolate-glazed, mousse-filled candies are a Russian classic, found at both holiday feasts and cafeteria lines.

These premium candies refer to the soft, delicate and tasty insides. It also comes from a Slavic folk story, in which a princess presents her suitor with a test. The test is to go out into the world and bring her the one thing that she doesn't have which implies that the favorite holiday candy is a luxury fit for royalty.


A box of the Rossia Collection chocolates is an excellent set of sweets made of dark chocolate of various forms and having different fillings.







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