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1. Review from user Mirror, published September 19, 2010:



It is amazingly beautiful lingerie, just look up their online catalogues and you will see. I first heard of Florange when I was a student at university. Their catalogues were extremely popular with our girls who regularly placed lots of orders for their products. Everyone was happy with the lingerie.
Another perk about their lingerie is besides being breathtakingly beautiful, it is mostly made of natural fabrics. I will definitely continue being their customer.



2. Review from user polimax, published January 11, 2011:



Good quality and comfortable, not too pricey lingerie:-)))
I am really happy with it. It always fits perfectly. And what especially makes me pleased is they offer lots of items made of natural fabrics, which is good for your body. I only place my orders with Florange.


3. Review from user asunya, published January 11, 2011:


I have purchased Florange lingerie, their lingerie is very nice… it is not too cheap, but the quality is well worth it. I am usually allergic to laces, but with their lingerie I had never had allergic rash.


4. Review from user Татьяна Алфеева, published May 18, 2012:



Strong points: perfect combination of quality & price, natural fabrics, feels nice on your body, breathtakingly beautiful
Weak points: sells out way too fast


5. Review from user Alfekka, published February 28, 2012:



Comfort + quality + beauty = FLORANGE


6. Review from user Nata_nuts, published March 16, 2012:



Here is what I have to say about Romi set from a new Florange lingerie new catalogue: stylish, comfortable, functional.


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