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Cheshire Cat
as in 'that very Cheshire Cat from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland' :-)

In Togliatti it started in 2005 with a modest coffee shop which served just coffee, ice cream and a couple of desserts. Now The Cheshire Cat offers over 140 meals and 100 drinks, many of which are their specialties, with their love having always been and still being coffee and tea.

BY THE WAY.... here is 10 things you can do over a cup of coffee:
1. greet the brand new day
2. breathe in and enjoy the coffee aroma
3. whip up the cappuccino foam & bite the very top of it
4. enjoy listening to a nice melody
5. give a smile
6. hum the tune of the song that played just a few seconds ago, even though there is a new one playing now :-)
7. think of the most important things
8. draw a funny sketch on a napkin
9. catch up on the very latest news
10. make plans for the coming night

A fun place to have breakfast (and finally wake up for the day), get a lunch break (and clear your head), and enjoy dinner (and have a little fun)

Live music starts every Thursday at 7 PM.
BookCrossing & board games (like Activity, Party Alias, Monopoly, Imaginarium, Uno, etc.) are available for free at any time on any day.

So, jump down this famous rabbit hole and see if you can actually come across
Blue Caterpillar (pineapples, ice cream, Blue Curacao syrup, jelly) or

Jabberwocky (strawberry/banana flavoured marshmallow coffee) or

White Knight (Baileys cocktail with ice cream, chocolate & vanilla syrups, whipped cream & grated chocolate) or

Unicorn & Lion (cold cocktail of a banana, orange juice, cream & vanilla syrup)

OR... Cheshire Cat himself (cocktail of ice cream, coffee-flavored liqueur Kahlua & cream liqueur Baileys)

Take a look Through the Looking Glass (a glassy mix of espresso, cream & French vanilla)

& have your best Checkmate (cocktail of coffee, chocolate milk, with grated white & black chocolate)

or Mad Tea Party (plate of homemade sweets: baklava, nut truffles, chocolate brownies, meringues, oatmeal cookies) !

Gift certificates:

Gift Certificate 1 will cover a drink & dessert for your lady & her child, or mom or sister!

Gift Certificate 2 will cover the main course & a side dish & sauce, & a drink for your lady & her child, or mom or sister

Gift Certificate 3 will cover the main course & a side dish & sauce, & a drink & dessert or cocktail, or a plate of assorted snacks/ hors d'oeuvres for your lady & her child, or mom or sister.




Togliatti Time
07:08:11 PM



Call us anytime 7-8482-708363 (Russia)