Myths About Dating Russian Girls: True or False?


or more realistically maybe
somewhere in-between ...

Sometimes a careful examination of closely held beliefs reveal some new insights and understandings.

Any man's chances of finding a desirable Russian girl can be greatly enhanced based upon a realistic understanding of the following classical myths surrounding Western-Russian marriages.


Russian girls prefer American & other western men.

The Russian women profiled on this site, comparatively speaking, perceive American men and other western men as stable and decent financial providers who are apt to be more loyal and family oriented.

War, deprivation, and internal persecution within a system that for over 80 years never measured up to it's intended greatness; the systemic hardships that the Russians have experienced over that period of time have been directly responsible for an attrition of strong, stable & confident Russian men. Through sheer need, an inordinate numbers of generational Russian nuclear families have evolved as matriarchal units (ones guided and governed by the women rather than men).  Furthermore, there are a shortage of men in Russia as compared to women with at least 10 million more women than men throughout the country. 

Unemployment in Russia is high and opportunities for both individual and collective financial mobility are extremely limited. Since Aug 1998, Russian currency (the ruble) has lost 5 times it's previous value. The amount of worry and distress that such situations can cause individual's might increase the incidence of alcoholism among members of any society. Such has been the case in Russia.  Though salaries in Russia are rising they are not keeping pace with inflation and the Russia populace continue to struggle with this financial burden.

Therefore; the opportunities that the advent of the Internet coupled with the "Russian bride phenomenon" have brought about an avenue whereby Russian girls have inclination and avenue to meet American and other western men. These factors compel a few brave Russian ladies profiled on the A Volga Girl to seek their happiness with a foreign man as a matter of necessity.

Russian girls are more intelligent & most are well educated.

It would truly be a stretch to say that Russian girls have more intelligence than American girls. We suggest that considerations relative to culture and circumstances would more formally dictate how intelligence is either used or underutilized. We have all heard the expression, "Necessity is the mother of invention, "and it is clear to anyone who has visited Russia that the people are quite creative. Their political system used to be extremely oppressive, and today the economic situation is equally as difficult.

The creative adaptations that the Russians must make on a daily basis are driven by will. Many individuals still cling to the faint hope of someday flourishing in the event that Russia will somehow provide the systemic opportunities for standards of living afforded those in America and other western-oriented countries.

The old Soviet system prided itself on providing equally among all of it's people (though it never did in practice). Upward mobility within Russia has always been difficult. Education today is valued due to the people's limited ability to make money in a free-market manner. Their limited mobility was based upon their profession, which was directly related to their education.

Engineering, medicine, literature, the arts and other sciences, all have been frequent choices for both pre and post-cold war students. The rate of graduation from some type of post high school institute or university in Russia is quite high.  Even with a highly educated population the salaries in Russia tend to be only 25% of those in Western and other developed western countries.

One can easily find a beautiful young Russian girl who will be happy to marry an older man though the age gap is narrowing somewhat. 

There is no question that in today's Russia, there exists an abundance of beautiful young girls. A Volga Girl profiles hundreds of such women.

European culture has never held the taboos against older men and younger women. Each lady has their own preference in age difference as reflected in each lady's profile on "A Volga Girl website.  In general, older men are viewed as more mature, settled & financially stable. It is understood that, at least in theory, an older man has made his mark on the world and is not struggling financially the way a younger man might.

Consider these factors: Any beautiful young 23 year-old Russian girl profiled on this site might be corresponding with two equally emotionally and financially stable men, ages 28 and 35 years respectively. Personalities aside, "Would the lady choose the older man"? Experience shows that the difference would probably be based on the person & not their age. Most Russian women would not accept an age difference of over 10 years if the lady is in their 20s.  As a lady ages into her 30s and 40s, an age difference of 15-20 years would most likely be the maximum age difference.

Each man was kind, generous, sincere, and truly desired to make this young woman happy in America or another western-oriented country. The first of the men to travel to Russia asked her if she would come to America. "Would she accept his offer to come to America prior to getting married"? Frequently so.

So, in response to the question, "Will Russian girls marry older men"? The answer is a resounding YES. After all -- the President of A Volga Girl is 12 years his wife's senior.

Russian girls want to become housewives and have no interest in career.

Initially, we can say that Russian girls collectively hold more traditional values than their western-oriented counterparts. Yet too often there is a corresponding value judgment about this. Without question American and other western oriented men involved in the "Russian-bride-learning-curve" state that they are in search of women that are willing to stay at home and raise children. A more careful examination of why Russian women might be more willing to do that helps clarify this issue.

While it has already been stated herein that the circumstances of war, oppression, & deprivation have historically "whittled down the Russian man," Russia is still a society whereby women continue to be perceived as less than equals to men. Just as an America an equality in earning power between a coupled man & a woman can cause some emotional difficulties (the men cannot use money as a leverage issue) .. the earning disparity between at-home mothers and primary breadwinners factors by at least 100% in Russia.

As quiet as it is kept on most Russian bride sites throughout the Internet -- there are millions of working mothers in Russia. They are working to provide food for their children and often times their extended family (parents).

If Russian girls in general have an inclination to bear and raise children, it could hardly be said that they are choosing this over a career path. They choose such path's in Russia because that is an expected and defined role within the Russian society. Given that the opportunities for career were more available to them, without question many ladies would move toward that direction. One would be hard pressed to find a Mr. Mom (stay-at-home father) in Russia.

We suggest that once a Russian girl has been exposed to the opportunities available on an individual basis in America (for example), she might choose to experience some of "that culture" before she bears children and raises her children.

Flexibility on this point is extremely crucial, as the American man that plans to marry a Russian girl and immediately expect her to bear children (while at the same time making an her initial adjustments to living in a new society & culture; such a man may be headed for a rude awakening). His new Russian bride expresses her desire for some degree of independence within a new society before fulfilling her commitment to family.

The issues of children & career are complex within any society. These are issues about which people's attitudes are shaped by popular culture, though the resolution is something that must be mediated between individuals. Many Russian ladies profiled on this website are divorced and may or may not have a child.  Most Russian ladies desire to have at least one child, if they don't have any assuming they are of child bearing age between 25 and 38 years old as in Western society.  This is pretty consistent throughout the world and no different in Russia.

The "importation" so to speak of a Russian girl in no way protects a man from having to deal with such issues surrounding career. Life has never been that easy ...

Russian girls hold traditional family values. It is natural for them to make sacrifices and to serve their husbands as equal partners.

YES, this is true -- though living in today's Russia calls upon EVERYONE to make particular sacrifices. Russian women truly are known to be loving, caring, and dedicated wives and mother's.

To assume that Russian girls have a genetic disposition toward naturally sacrificing rather than putting themselves first is wishful thinking. Once again we suggest to you that while such is the case with many women throughout the world; such characteristics are a by-product of the society, culture, and normative attitudes that they have grown-up with.

Russian girls have more style, beauty, and femininity.

Russian girls in most medium to large cities have exposure to the fashionable clothing & accessories of American or other western-oriented women.  This myth is as well a stretch of the reasonable imagination.

The fact that American women have grown-up wearing blue jeans or sweat-suits, dressing a little (or a lot) more casual than many American men might like, this is a fact. American society is getting more casual all of the time, and it is an absolute truth that Russian girls are more "dressed up" when you see them on the street anywhere in Russia. "Will they continue the custom once they are settled in their new country?" The answer is frequently YES, but over time they will conform more to the country of residence.

Russian society has always been a more closed and homogeneous than say, the United States or Europe, where immigrants from all over the world have settled and mixed. Russian women do possess a unique beauty and a "mysteriousness" that many western men are drawn to.

It is a well known and accepted fact that the incidence of gross obesity among Americans and much of the West is the highest in the civilized world. The bodies of the adult population get bigger every year. While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it is an undeniable fact that many American men find completely distasteful the increasing physical size and sheer girth of literally tens of millions of American women.

The perception here that someone who allows their body to become so misshapen and out of proportion has issues directly related to self-image & self- esteem, and is frequently correct.

The Russian diet is the largest contributing factor to the thin/shapely profile that many Russian women experience. Fast food restaurants do not abound on every city corner. Fried foods are not a staple of the Russian diet and it is as well assumed that sugar is not added to processed foods the way it is in America.

Russian girls are not thin because they are starving to death. The average Russian walks approximately 2 miles per day. Such exercise is always a positive influence on our overall health and fitness.

Russian wgirls will love you as you, and are not interested in your finances.

Having examined some of the factors responsible for the Russian-bride phenomenon, we can suggest that a large percentage of these ladies are looking forward to a better life in the west. Given that they have not had the exposure to the prosperity found in the west, and it is not unreasonable to identify that they might be more attuned to the individual as opposed to what the individual has.

Provided the opportunity, a Russian girls would most likely marry a man with whom she felt a high level of trust, honesty, love AND some financial security as well. Please keep in mind that financial security might be defined by many of these Russian girls as the man's ability to pay monthly expenses and have some monies left over for discretional spending.

The myth that many of these ladies are looking to "land a millionaire" so they can subsequently take the man for all he is worth is a complete distortion of reality. These woman have known extreme hardship all of their lives. That particular myth is about as realistic as a homeless person expecting to have their own private jet. There is simply no adequate and reliable frame-of- reference to reasonably perpetuate this myth.

People are people, and it cannot be said with certainty how any particular group will collectively think or feel about something as subjective as money.

My life will change dramatically after I find and marry a Russian girl.

Yes, of course one's life radically changes when they get married. The challenges and adventure to finding, knowing & marrying a Russian girl can be exciting and rewarding.

The adjustment period once your Fiancée comes to America (unless you get married in Russia -- and the management of this site strongly advises against that option) is an important and crucial period of time that sets the stage for your entire relationship together.

It is during that 3-month "probationary" period of time that each couple can get to know each other and make the important decision whether they will marry.

Russian girls are extremely loyal given that they are paired with an equally kind & devoted mate. Russian girls are used to making sacrifices & are strong-willed & resourceful. Such a woman would radically change any man's life.


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