About your photos ...

It is true that we choose to correspond at least in large-part based upon our impressions of a each Russian girl's photos. We would like to believe that we can see something of her character in her photos. We might even imagine what it would be like to hear her voice.

We suggest that the judgments and inclinations of these ladies are about the same. The quality of your presence on the photos submitted (either for the Men's Catalog subscription or photos that you choose to send to ladies through the site) will most often prove the deciding factor when it comes to a lady's choice to submit her invitation to correspond with you, or to respond to your initial direct contact

It is not infrequent that photos offered for this service by men were:

● Showing the man sitting next to another woman (unless she is your mother and that is quite clear ... steer away from this).

● Submitted a "cropped" photo where a woman's arm was visible coming around one of his shoulders.

● Submitted photos where they are included in a "group" shot with one or more other men.

● Submitted a "face-shot" only from an employment identification card.

● Sent photos taken years earlier.

● Sent panoramic photos where they are included in the distance (the idea is for the ladies to see what you look like).

● Actually submitted poor-quality web-cam photos of them sitting in front of their computer in their underwear.

Men will often say, "But I don't have any photos of myself."

Digital cameras allow us to place photos on a computer in minutes. For those that may not even own a camera we can purchase a disposable camera at the corner drugstore, take photos, have them developed in an hour ... and then scan them into the computer. Staples, Office Max, Office Depot, and many of the independent copy centers (like Kinkos) all have printing departments that are equipped with scanners. you can have your photos placed onto a 3.5 inch floppy disc for a reasonable charge.

One would assume that torn and old clothing, photos without shirt, and goofy facial expressions do not a good first impression on the woman you might wish to become your wife.

Photos (file size) uploaded to your account on the site must be 150 kbs or less Those that do not have access to a scanner (or cannot compress your photos to under 150kbs each) can email your photos to admin@volgagirl.com. They will be uploaded through your account on the site. Please include your account ID#.

Those subscribing to the Men's Catalog need send up to 4 good photos of yourself to admin@volgagirl.com. Please include your account ID#.

Please use good judgment when submitting your photos.


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