Communication Initiative

Cross-cultural and cross-continental relationships can sometimes prove difficult.


Many times lapses in communication between our male and female clients may be due to a simple misunderstandings, or maybe more. A Volga Girl  offers our "Communication Initiative," whereby one of our staff specialists  will telephone, write, or even pay an in-person visit when necessary to find out why the lapse in communication with your Russian sweetheart has taken place.


Sometimes communications with your Russian girl break down. Allow the staff at A Volga Girl to find out why.


It is not uncommon that during the relationship-building phase of your journey to find a Russian-bride, communication with your special lady can, for no apparent reason, become interrupted.

Lapses in communication are often due to the same type of pressures and influences responsible for our own breach of communication with friends and family who live either around the block or somewhere across our country.

Your special lady’s lapse of communication could stem simply from a lack-of-time based upon working either two and sometimes three part-time jobs to make ends meet. An old or maybe a new local romance may have been rekindled. Or, there is a substantial risk that she simply got tired of writing because she had given up hope that you would travel to Russia to meet her. Only 5% of men that correspond industy-wide ever make the trip to Russia (or elsewhere) to meet the girl.

A Volga Girl has developed this service to specifically bridge (mis)communication gaps, as well as affirming our commitment to our clients with personalized, supportive services.

Please submit your detailed description of your situation to Togliatti Office Manager Ms. Helen Bessonova, providing us with the ID# of the lady in question. We will review such details and make all attempts to secure the necessary information to satisfy your inquiry.


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