Translation Telephone Calls Dial directly into our Togliatti, Russia office to speak with your special Russian girl.

You dial directly into our Togliatti office.

Translation telephone calls
.75 cents per minute scheduled in 15-minute blocks - minimum fee is 11.25.

Unassisted telephone calls
.40 cents per minute - if she speaks English

For those men who correspond with ladies and would like to break-through any language barrier by speaking with their Russian lady(s), A Volga Girl is willing to help. Our friendly and dedicated office staff can assist you with any such telephone calling needs.

Translation telephone calls are a great way to better know your future mail order bride!We offer 3-way telephone translation calls that are easily conducted on a pre-scheduled basis. Please e-mail us, or telephone, to reserve your call block, and specify at that time whether the  call will be unassisted, or will require the needs of an interpreter. We are more than willing to reach your lady(s) either via telephone, office messenger, or regular mail, to inform her of your request to arrange for the call. It is best to supply us with a variety of optional calling blocks to insure an ease of coordination. At A Volga Girl your translation calls are in reality two-way calls rather than three-way, and our translator's immediate presence on an office extension-phone allows for a simultaneous in-person review of important visual cues that would otherwise be unobservable during a true 3-way translation calls. Thus, the ultimate sense of your lady's true meaning can be more accurately conveyed to you.

Additionally, for the ladies that do not speak fluent English, we offer our male clients the opportunity to debrief the translator in respect to her own thoughts, opinions & impressions relating to your special lady and the telephone call that you have just completed.

Furthermore - we suggest that it is a good idea (both tactical & practical) to initially speak with your special lady using one of our Russian interpreters, thus affording her the familiarity of her native language. After speaking, and once you have established a higher degree of rapport -- it would then be more appropriate to test her stated level of foreign language proficiency.
Hearing her voice can encourage you to visit your future Russian wife!

We strongly contacting your long-distance telephone carrier to request their lowest rates to Russia, and then telephone them back the next day to confirm that they have officially made the change in their records. We have had a number of clients who have received huge phone bills after they had already understood that their carrier had notated their accounts for calls to Russia. Most major carriers (AT&T, MCI, Sprint) offer rates to Russia in the neighborhood of .20 cents per minute. Fortunately, those receiving those huge phone bills were credited when they strongly objected.



October 2003

In early September 2003; Svetlana suggested that we conduct a translation telephone call. I was a little hesitant because she was just starting English lessons. After hearing her angelic voice on her instant video I could wait no longer.

Hearing Svetlana’s voice, making her laugh, talking to “my girl” 6,500 miles away … I felt like she was sitting right next to me. It was truly thrilling. My next call will make #4. I could not believe how easy it was with the help of a Volgagirl staff member translating to Svetlana what I was saying.

So what are you waiting for guys? If you get the chance you should try this! There is nothing better than talking to the woman who might well become an important part of your future. I will be traveling to Togliatti in December to meet my Svetlana (and my future).

Tim McKay,
Mishawaka, Indiana


September 2003

I have been a client of VolgaGirl for about five months now and only have wonderful things to say about the entire operation. The girls featured on the site have all been absolutely wonderful and the ones that I have corresponded with have been extremely polite, honest and eager to enter act with me. More importantly, the staff at VolgaGirl has been extremely helpful in my quest. Craig and Arina Rich have always replied to my inquiries in a more-than-timely fashion and has given me advice and encouragement. What I have been most impressed about with VG is the translated phone calls. While I enjoy email letters, I have always preferred to talk with the girls. This allows me to get a good sense of the person and answer or ask immediate questions. It is important to me to have an immediate answer so that I can get a truer idea of the personality of the girl. It is always great to hear the girls laugh at one of my stupid jokes.

The girls at the Togliatti office are great at there job. They have great command of the English language and have even at times given me an insight into how the girls are reacting to the conversation. I have even caught myself carrying on a conversation with the translator. These calls really give us guys a more intimate way to get to know the beautiful pictures we are looking at......I would strongly suggest to anyone thinking about using the translated phone calls service to do won't disappointed. I would also add, if you use the correct long distance carrier (search the Internet), your phone bill will barely be affected.

Good Luck in Your Search,

Pat, California

September 2003

Craig ,

I just wanted to write and tell you what a great experience it was to talk to Geliana through the translation service. Even though she speaks very little English , and I speak no Russian, the translation made communicating 100 times better than a letter or email could ever be. To be able to hear her laugh , and be able to instantly respond to her questions gave me a better understanding of Geliana as a person. She has a wonderful personality, and that's something that no letter or email could completely tell me.

Thanks for everything,

Chad, South Carolina


February 2001

Dear Craig:

I have been a registered user with since October of 2000. I must say I am having the best time and experience of my life. I have always been treated with care and respect. A few days ago I decided to take your suggestion and I telephoned directly into A Volga Girl's Togliatti office to speak with Lubov, one of the ladies that I have been corresponding with. I decided it was time for me to actually hear her voice. It was assuring to telephone exactly at my pre-scheduled appointment time and hear a voice answer in English. The staff was apparently awaiting my telephone call. I now know first-hand that it is possible to have excellent communication with a Russian lady who speaks very little English. Things got a little carried away and we spoke for 4-hours! I can just envision our interpreter Julia with a cast on her arm from holding the extension phone. Yes, this call was quite expensive (thanks again for the price-break), but it allowed me to develop a heightened respect & esteem for my Lubov. I am much more confident after the call that this is the lady for me. I am really looking forward to meeting her in-person when I travel to Togliatti this summer.

I have always been satisfied with the services of A Volga Girl and I truly appreciate the way that the site is continually developed and improved. Your entire staff is the best!

I hope to see you and Arina at my wedding.

Roy T. Bryant, Greenbay, Wisconsin


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