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Evgenia  is a 41 year old Russian girl who has registered with mail order bride agency A Volga Girl in the hopes of receiving email correspondence from you. Evgenia 4650

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Age: 41
Birthday: December 25th, 1976
Height: 5'3" (160 cm)
Weight: 129 (58 kg)
Eye Color: Brown.
Form: 35/29/39
Language: English - 2. German-2.
Status: Divorced.
Children: Yes,  Son 18
Profession: Financial manager.
School: University (MBA).
Smoker: No.
Religion: Christian.
Posted: 11-3-2016
Residence: Moscow

Address Purchased: 1 times   |   Last letter exchanged: 06-2017

About myself

I always strive to become better. I am confident. I am open to everything new and I really want to meet a man I can build a healthy, harmonious and monogamous relationship. I have a nice, feminine shape. I am a good specialist in my sphere, I can be a reliable business partner ( a second role). My values are based on Christianity. I believe that being loyal to one\'s spouse is an integral part of a relationship. I am rational, thoughtful, I can support an emotion, depending on a situation. I am healthy. I can plan a travel, I can be a real travel partner, I strive to travel all over Earth. I am energetic, goal-oriented, if I do not know answers to questions, I can find those answers. I can love both passionately and deeply calmly, depending on my partner\'s emotional need at the moment.  In my free time I enjoy going in for sports (roller-skating, skiing, bicycling and other seasonal sports), watching interesting films, attending the English language clubs. I love traveling. My son attends college and lives with his father\'s family in Togliatti.  I dream to have my own business (financial consulting), a loving family or a long-term relationship with a man who I will love and who will love me. My life goals are improving my professional skills and my family life. I picture my future family life with no cheating, no alcohol, no major disagreements. My man would accept my son.

About my future partner

40-50. He is independent, well-educated, well-mannered, he knows exactly how to build a relationship. Non-smoker. He is a bit older than me (I believe it is the best age difference, so that we can be close in age, but still my man would be older than me). He is tall and fit. He is a successful entrepreneur, an efficient manager. He is single, ready to have a relationship and a family. He has moral values, he is loyal to his wife. He and I would have similar nature, similar traits. He is healthy, fond of winter and summer sports. He enjoys traveling with his family all over the world. He is optimistic, energetic, able to cope with stress, with a sense of humor, tactful, considerate, manly, somewhat romantic, he understands and accepts female psychological traits.

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