Our Free Men's Catalog

Many of our male clients find it practical to allow ladies to express their interest in corresponding with them.

Provide yourself with ongoing exposure to VolgaGirl ladies. All are eager and willing to build the same sincere & lasting type relationship that you are looking for.

1) Create a username and password on our site.

2) Consider and then thoroughly answer all of the fields included on the Biographical Data Sheet and have it automatically submitted through our site.

One of our Togliatti office staff will for free translate your data sheet into Cyrillic (Russian) and then display it along with your photos in our on-line men's catalog whose password is only provided to our female clients.

3) Next go to your account, click 'upload your pictures' and upload a good photo (photos) of yourself. A single photo upload is just $1.5! But later it will enable you to immediately order your photos for your lady, if you would like her to have them printed out only and especially for her.

Please note that the better policy is to be pro-active from the very start and contact the girls you like, send them your introductory letter --rather than just having your profile in the men's catalog and waiting on them to come across it, though having your profile in the men's catalog may be a good asset to your introduction letter. The primary use of the Men's Catalog is to provide additional information, for free, about a client along with the initial email (introductory letter) to a lady. Your profile and photos in the Men's Catalog are always going to be available for your lady/ladies to view.

When one of the ladies shows an interest in your profile, you will receive an email notifying you of her interest in corresponding with you. Then visit our search engine and locate her using the individual search by ID# field. View her photos, review her data, and decide if you wish to correspond with her. You will then need to choose from two active links in the email notification that you received: answer either YES (you will accept a first letter from her) or NO (you do not wish to correspond with her).



For those responding YES to catalog inquiries, our office staff in Togliatti will immediately contact the lady in question and inform her that the cost of her correspondence will be paid by you. These costs are outlined in detail throughout this site (specifically email messages and foreign language translations when necessary).

Additionally, your ability to respond back to any introduction letter will require that you purchase the lady's address information. An understanding of these parameters is an essential aspect of your subscribing to the Men's Catalog.

Clients that answer "YES" to accepting correspondence, and then do not pay for the services involved in delivering that introduction letter to them will lose the privilege of being included in the catalog.

Please include at least one photo displaying a full body view. Use of this service requires you to LOGIN to our site (or create a user name & password if you have not), and then complete the Biographical Data Form illustrated through the link above.


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