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Without question the "Russian Bride Site" industry in general is anything but reliable. Please review the following credentials in allaying any fears, apprehension, or reservation about utilizing our site.



Our potential clients should rightfully be concerned when providing factual information to create their user name and password on our site. A Volga Girl does not sell, share, or use client information in any way other than to assist our clients utilization of our services was required to receive this certification.

"A Volga Girl is an officially registered to do business within the Russian Federation and agrees to comply with any oversight and dispute resolution procedures. While we do everything within our power to ensure that the privacy of consumer's personal information is protected, we also rely on consumer vigilance.



When customers use our web site with the intent of making an online purchase, they want proof of the identity of the web site owner, and they want to know that the sensitive personal information (credit card numbers) they send to the web site cannot be read by hackers. Comodo Secure SSL certificates provide this peace of mind. A Volga Girl has been approved to use the most currently availably encryption technology.

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Authentic Sites use Comodo Secure SSL Web Server Certificates to offer secure communications by encrypting all data to and from the site.



Rarely do sites actually identify with whom you are dealing (actual human beings). The common absence of such information has caused grave suspicions throughout the industry. A Volga Girl offers complete biographies of our entire staff both in the USA, and Togliatti, Russia. We provide the street address of our Louisville, Kentucky office in the USA and our Togliatti office in Russia. We operate a toll-free client support telephone number and offer consistent email support.


While there are many beautiful Russian ladies profiled on our site these ladies are clearly not models. Our company management strongly believes that all of the ladies applying to register on this site be provided that opportunity. Most ladies profiled on our site reside in the central Russian city of Togliatti (600 southeast of Moscow).

All ladies present their domestic passport (Russia's common form of identification) to our office staff at the time of registration to verify that they are not married. Each lady is informed that they are expected to answer all correspondence. They are neither expected or required to correspond with every client who chooses to contact them, but they are expected to decline individual offers as opposed to simply ignoring such contacts.

A Volga Girl consistently monitors initial client correspondence in both directions. It is a difficult task to inquire about non-responses, and every effort is made to provide our male clients with additional email & address credit when ladies fail to answer their letters of introduction, or decline respective offers to correspond. Company policy guarantees that additional address and email credit will be issued when initial correspondence is sent through our site, and goes either unanswered or is declined. Our staff in Togliatti makes a consistent effort to delete ladies based upon either their own requests, or upon their non-response to our agency inquiry.

A Volga Girl has no affiliations with any other similar companies, does not share or sell our listings, and has compiled all listing information and corresponding photographs as a direct result of company efforts through advertising in local newspapers or magazines within the city of  Togliatti, Russia only.



A Volga Girl and its principals have received worldwide media coverage.



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