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Composing your initial letter of introduction can be a challenging endeavor. "Where do I begin," is a question often asked. "I've never done anything like this before," is also a frequent new-client comment. Well, we have created this page to offer you some very constructive suggestions about creating your letter of introduction and foreign correspondence in general.

It would seem reasonable to tailor your first letter towards some of the specific personal information that each lady has provided at the time that they registered with our company. Yet based upon A Volga Girl's long-standing guarantee to issue our clients an additional lady's profile and email credit for every instance where a lady will either decline your initial invitation to correspond (after having read your letter and viewed your photos), is no longer interested in being profiled on our web site, or can no longer be reached and in unavailable.

In such instances, the time and difficulty involved with drafting repeated letters-of-introduction might simply be enough to elicit the feeling that, "I knew that this was not going to work ....". Therefore, creating an interesting and descriptive letter of introduction that reveals some of the more common personal and biographical information that is usually exchanged early-on in the initial writing phase of your relationships is your first investment toward finding a suitable Russian bride.

For all correspondence sent through your account once your have created your private account by registering a user name and password, you will notice that above the text-box where you will type your letters, you are prompted with the question, "Does her level of English require language translation?" The default here is always set to "no," and we strongly suggest that unless a lady has self-reported herself either a level 4 or level 5 in English proficiency, that you change this setting to "yes," but only when sending your 1st letter of introduction. Thereafter, when submitting all additional first letters -- you can leave the default setting to "no," and the professional translation staff in our Togliatti office will recognize that this is your previously translated letter of introduction, and will use the previous translation as their reference. But .... please remember to change each lady's first name at the top of the letter. Mentioning her name throughout the letter proves problematic for the translation staff and makes it more difficult for you to take advantage of our guarantee policy (of saving monies) when it comes to first-letters and the issuance of account credits when necessary. We strongly advise against having a lady struggle to personally translate your first letter. Such a circumstance in no way works toward providing the type of first impression that we trust you would all wish to make.

While finding ladies that will respond to your invitation to correspond is usually not exceedingly difficult -- finding the lady that you will feel most suitable with is a more complex variant. it is for this reason that we suggest examining some of our Lady's Profile Package Plans that will allow you to send out numerous letters of introduction (please keep in mind once again that you will only be paying to translate that initial contact one time) in order to narrow your field of candidates down within the first, second, or third round of letters exchanged. As you work toward determining which three or four ladies you will continue to correspond with through the culmination of your actual trip to Togliatti (where our Russian based office is located) you can begin to respond directly to discussion subjects including personal interests, hobbies, future dreams and aspirations, and all matters family and marriage.

All translated letters submitted through your account on our web site are delivered in both an English and Russian language format. Additionally, we strongly recommend uploading at least a few good photos of yourself to your personal account so each lady lady you have contacted can either view them within your account. Making a first contact without providing the option of viewing your photo(s) makes the decision to accept your invitation to correspond simply "a throw of the dice." We choose to correspond with these Russian ladies in large part based upon viewing their photos. Experience has shown us that these ladies are no different than we are.


Below for your review and careful consideration we have provided you with a good industry-standard letter of introduction. You by all means have the option of adjusting or changing this letter as you see fit. The letter is simply provided for your benefit, but please keep in mind that the more open and honest that you can be in a first letter, the more likely that the ladies with whom you are inviting to correspond will answer in-kind.


Sample Letter

Hello ______
Greetings from ______. I could not help but notice your profile in VolgaGirl's online photo gallery. You look very attractive in your pictures, and I share your interests for ______ and ______. You appear to be the kind of person that I would like to get to know. I am corresponding with you in the hope that we can begin a friendship that might grow into the type of special relationship that we both appear to be looking for (briefly discuss your own attitudes about marriage, children, family, etc.). Please allow me to tell you a little bit about myself. I was born on ______. I am now ____ years of age. I grew up in ______, which is located in the ______ part of ______ . My family consisted of ______ brothers and ______ sister. I went to school at ______, and my favorite subjects were ______ and _____. I am now employed as a ______. My job involves ______. I have been doing this type of work for the past ______ years. During my spare-time I enjoy ______. My height is ___. Weight ___. My marital status is ______. I am seeking a loving and loyal partner (clearly state if your true intention is simply to meet new friends from the Russian culture). I hope that you find me interesting and will respond to this communication soon. Now ______ , please tell me more about yourself ! I am interested in details about your family, your job, your hobbies and goals, Russian culture, and all regards of your future plans. Please write back as soon as you can. I look forward to answering all of the questions that you wish to ask of me.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Your New Friend,
Your name

Some Additional Letter Writing Advice and Information

  1. Your initial letter of introduction will set the tone for how your relationship with the Russian girls of your choice.The more Russian girls that you write to increases your options for the future. While it may only be a short time before you develop "favorites," it is suggested that you initially play the percentages. Finding a Russian wife is a very serious endeavor and it is important to overcome previously held values and beliefs about handling "one-at-a-time." The world of foreign correspondence is a quite different circumstance than dating one or two ladies that live down the street. Remember that you will be traveling thousands of miles/kilometres to meet these ladies. Stay focused on your goal.

  2. While it is always important to be honest in in your correspondence, it is an extreme tactical mistake to bare your entire relationship history within the bodies of your first few letters. It is wholly inappropriate to explain in detail the circumstances responsible for failed past relationships. However, we suggest that you do share that you have previously been married and the number of children that you might now have. There is always time to share other details once you have established a stronger rapport, friendship & level of understanding with each respective Russian lady with whom you correspond..

  3. Do not delete past letters from your account on our web site unless you are sure that you have stopped all correspondence with a particular lady. It is an uncanny truth, but you never know which one of these Russian girls may eventually become Mrs. You. The copies of your letters will be necessary later when you apply for a Fiancée/Partner, etc Visa and once the two of you have met in-person. This site was specifically designed with a database that saves all of the correspondence you have ever sent or received. You can access past correspondence any time by clicking through the "view messages" button within your Account Showcase.

  4. Please do not promise to visit Russia unless you truly intend to do so.

  5. We strongly urge you "to say goodbye" if it is your intention to stop writing to any particular Russian girl profiled on this site. Our office staff in Togliatti does instruct these Russian girls to do the same. The women profiled on A Volga Girl are quite sincere and can easily become attached. The saving of any ones feelings is the decent and right thing to do.

  6. Please note that we don't allow clients to send their email address, phone number and social websites contact information, etc. through their A Volga Girl account via our message writing service. This policy is necessary since the primary source of income to our company is via letter writing and translations.




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