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Herein we post your frequently asked questions. We have done our best to answer them with quality, informative information to guide and assist you in your quest to find a suitable Russian-bride.

Upon browsing through A Volga Girl's Main Photo Gallery, I notice that many of the ladies have never had their address purchased. Why is this the case and is something wrong with them?

ANSWER A Volga Girl profiles all women regardless of whether we feel the ladies "look like models ... or are the most beautiful." Our office quarters in Togliatti are located in a well-known building and we hold a full-time presence there. We do not feel it proper nor fair to screen our female applicants based upon their "looks." Many other sites choose to profile only those girls that they deem most attractive and desirable. They actually tell their clients that they accept only a few in every 10 or 20 applications. Our Togliatti, Samara and Ulianovsk applicants apply in-person. Our company policy precludes us from turning these women away based upon a subjective assumption that any of these ladies would not make excellent wives, mothers & companions.

Therefore, there will naturally be many ladies whom our site browsers do not choose to correspond with. When we come across an Internet site whereby all of the ladies are all absolutely gorgeous ... please beware! A Volga Girl assumes that the overall impression provided when viewing our Main Photo Gallery will be supportive of the fact that these ladies are real and sincerely desire an American or other western-oriented husband.

QUESTION Many similar sites offer "free services" to their male clients and A Volga Girl does not. Why is that?

ANSWER Every company in business expects to make a profit. All sites that offer "free services" for the men are merely deriving their profits from their female clients. Other sites offer all-inclusive packages that are seemingly too-good-to-be-true. Those sites are one step behind those offering free services to their male clients, as they do charge the men a little, yet fail to reveal that the woman must also pay to utilize their services. Once the male client has discovered this, his prepaid, all-inclusive, too-good-to-be-true package plan must now be subsidized with additional monies to cover the cost of the ladies service utilization.

The the management at A Volga Girl believes that while any such business practices may be legal, they are exploitive and deceptive. What we offer are fair and consistently priced services, personalized customer service and support, a high level of automated efficiency, honesty and business integrity, but neither promotes nor offers "free services" to our male clients if there is a corresponding payment/fee to the female registrants. Russia is a very poor country and easily fits the standard definition of a 2nd-world nation. Many of the women living there are truly compelled to search elsewhere for a better life and opportunity, especially when provided with the opportunity to correspond and eventually meet a man with whom they can build a mutually loving and trusting relationship. Once again; A Volga Girl is a business that expects to make a profit, yet our goals in doing so have some clearly defined boundaries.

Please be advised that not one of the women found within our photo gallery have paid any fees whatsoever to become a part of our network, and as well are in no way held responsible for any of the charges or fees associated with any portion or aspect of our service offerings.

QUESTION Why is it advisable to work through an agency rather than correspond on my own?

ANSWER It is an obvious assumption to reason that .34 cents postage costs less than 3.10 for approximately a 1,000 word 2-page email. One drawback of the regular postal system is that the delivery times runs three to four weeks from the US to Russia. Yet it is not totally ill-advised to make an initial address purchase of 20 ladies, followed by sending out a standard letter of introduction, & wait to see what happens. Within 2 months time response usually begin to trickle in. For the curious, patient, & casually interested man, such an approach is both economical & practical. Once responses are received & the initial field of 10, 15, or 20 is narrowed to 10 or 7 or 5 ladies, and inevitably three or four -- such is the time that email correspondence might make more sense to particular individuals.

At first glance the scenario as outlined above is perfectly logical, though there are some uncontrolled variables which must be highlighted in order to provide the Russian bride-minded man with information upon which to better base important relationship decisions. Using the postal system to meet the transportation needs of your correspondence is viable only under two circumstances. First -- you a corresponding with ladies who have a credible level of knowledge of either English or another native language. In such cases the obvious drawback is merely the time it takes to exchange round-trip letters.

A second option to using a full-service network is to engage the one dimensional services of a third party to translate your correspondence into your familiar language. Frequently such services will either return their finished translation directly to your email address for regular mail posting, or possibly offer to transmit the letter to either Kiev, Odessa, Moscow or St. Petersburg -- whereby your letter will meander through the Russian mail system through normal or registered mail channels over the following one to two weeks.

Our experience has reflected that even though many women self-report their Level of English at "3", it is frequently proven by your received response that a more accurate assessment determines her level to be a "2". Of course, it is possible to sift through the early exchange of biographical information (i.e. "I live with my parents & younger brother ... I have a degree in Engineering ... I work at a bakery, and so forth), it is quite difficult to correspond on a more intellectual and feeling level when communication is restrained by the common bond supported by a familiar language.

These are the obvious considerations. Now some detail on the less obvious considerations.

In an effort to "protect" both male and female clients, any credible network makes the reasonable suggestion to utilize their email forwarding services not merely to boost revenues or speed your messages along. There is plausible merit to having all correspondence in both directions "monitored". Predators on both sides of this fence exist, and any individuals corresponding on their own (between themselves) are running the possible though less probable risk of being deceived in a number of ways. Does this woman truly exist?

When registration applications are sent across oceans, how does a network know if the lady is for real? ... or is she an older woman, younger sister, or even a Boris or Vladimir doing the corresponding! While these circumstances are not at all common -- they are documented, and the poor soul on the wrong end of such a scenario usually pays a bitter price. It may be in the form of a "fictitious travel expense," or possibly in the form of solicited gifts or even cash. "My grandmother needs an operation or she will surely die ... please send me $1,000.00 via Western Union".

When individuals work through an established, honest network, such claims are always monitored and investigated. Given the rare instance that one is able to correspond with ladies all common to an immediate geographic area such as Togliatti, Ulianovsk, and Samara ... the contact that the network's local presence has with these ladies better insures the honesty and integrity of the correspondence process.

Once correspondence progresses and two parties have truly developed a deeper interest in each other, "What of the additional aspects of this entire process?" Translation telephone calls, additional photo sets, live videos, gift deliveries, foreign language lessons, and local travel arrangements are all mutually beneficial considerations for the serious-minded Russian bride oriented male. Having to contract for separate services can be daunting task given the geographic width and breadth of the vast Russian interior.

QUESTION I am corresponding with more than one woman in Togliatti. Each one has mentioned to me that she will take her vacation during my visit. I feel guilty, and might be heading toward trouble. How should I handle this?

ANSWER While it is understood that most men do not date numerous women at the same time, the reality of "foreign correspondence" makes it difficult and impractical to repeatedly start over when necessary. Frequent trips to Russia are also an improbability for most men. Therefore, we suggest an approach that has proven successful in addressing this dilemma: Halfway between the time you begin corresponding and then make plan to vist, you would include the following in one of your letters: "In the event that I am not what you are looking for and considering my seriousness in finding a Russian bride ... I have made contact with other women."

Our experience has shown us that most ladies, while not enthused over your honest admission, will accept this. The positive fact that they were one of three or four women that you chose to continue to correspond with, out of a gallery of over 2000, is usully something that they will recognize. Visiting Togliatti and "sneaking around" will rarely work, and is deceitful as well. Many of the ladies have remarked that they would have been surprised if their visitor traveld over 6000 just to see them. Others feel somewhat relieved in that they feel no pressure of obligation should the couple not be suited for each other, and the only way to know this is to meet in-person. A mature person will understand such reasoning. In the rare instance that someone will choose to break a writing relationship under such circumstances, it can also be reasoned that such a person may well lack the emotional stability necessary to survive and prosper in a cross-cultual relationship in a strange land.

QUESTION Can I bring my lady to America on a Fiancée Visa whenever I wish?

ANSWER Yes, but the US Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration (formerly the INS) requires that you must have met your fiancée, in person, sometime within the last two years. Additionally, it is highly recommended that you print out all email messages, save copies of all telephone bills, package receipts, postmarked envelopes & any other correspondence that will help to substantiate that your relationship is genuine, and not simply a ploy for the lady to gain easy access to the United States. Please consult our A Volga Girl's "Links" page for more detailed information about this important decision.

QUESTION What is a realistic timeframe within which I would begin corresponding, make a subsequent trip to Togliatti, and eventually bring one of the ladies I will visit to the United States on a Fiancée Visa?

ANSWER A Volga Girl suggests (ideally) corresponding for two to four months (though many clients correspond for 6 months or more) before making a trip to Togliatti. In truth, this formula only makes sense to the serious minded man in search of a Russian bride. Once the formality of exchange of the typical biographical information is made -- all of the correspondence in the world will not substitute for actual in-person time-spent with the future candidates for Mrs. You.

It is told throughout this industry that a mere 5% all men corresponding with potential Russian brides eventually make the trip over. Therefore, while many couples correspond for many months or even years, most of these ladies never have the opportunity to personally meet and better get to know this huge pool of potential foreign husbands.

Whether you travel to Togliatti to meet with two ladies or ten, a positive decision at the end of your trip to bring her to the United States will begin with the completion of the US Department of State's K-1 / I-129 Fiancée Visa form, and can culminate with your fiancée arriving in America approximately seven to ten months later.

A Volga Girl looks forward to receiving more of your "frequently asked questions"


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