Considering a Russian bride as an alternative? Here are some aspects to consider before you start purchasing addresses ...

The Advantages of Using
a Full-Service Agency

A Volga Girl answers all customer inquiries sent to us via email. Questions & Answers via Email Support
The epitome of a full-service agency is one that allows you to email any-and-all of your questions, and actually receiving honest and informative answers in a timely manner. All clients have the option of of contacting either the Company Presdient our Louisville, Kentucky office, our representative in the Canadian Office or Togliatti, Russia Office Manager Ms. Helen Bessonova through the Ask Helen link found throughout our web site.  See our contact page for more information.

A Volga Girl offers toll-free telephone support within the USA. Telephone Support (toll-free within the USA and Canada)
Frequently while corresponding, important questions arise that can best served with immediate information. In most all cases ... the answers are only a toll-free telephone call away. Trip planning is a particular subject where extensive ground can be covered quickly over the telephone.

Over 1,400 of the Russian girls profiled at A Volga Girl live within the central Russian city of Togliatti. Central geographic location of the ladies
A Volga Girl profiles over 1,000 ladies with approximately 85% living in the central Russian city of Togliatti (600 miles southeast of Moscow). Understandably -- the highest level of service and support can be experienced when the ladies you are corresponding with live within minutes of our Russian office.

We encourage you to correspond with more than one lady, and thus you will almost certainly develop a "front-runner". That is to say -- a lady that has provided you with a more favorable impression, thus becoming your favorite. It is only reasonable to assume the difficulties one might encounter when having to travel to see a few ladies who live hundreds of miles apart. Clients utilizing the services of A Volga Girl do not have to overcome such difficulties. Hundreds of Russian girls live within minutes of our Togliatti office location.

Volgagirl, Ltd. operates ofices in Boonton, New Jersey and Togliatti, Russia. Fully operational offices both within and out of Russia
We define “fully operational” as an office providing on-location email services, a wide range of gift delivery, written language translation services, foreign language lessons, webcam service, translation telephone calls, made-to-order live video-clips, foreign-language interpreter services, visa support (please see Visa and Immigration Services in the right-hand menu) for you and your future bride, and all aspects of visitor hosting services.

The existence of integrated, fully operational offices in the USA, Canada and Russia ensures a continuity of customer care. We do not work with “Russian affiliates.” A Volga Girl is a Kentucky corporation (LLC) which is officially registered (with the City of Togliatti Government authorities) as a representative office within Togliatti, Russia. Also, our Togliatti staff is directly employed through USA office in the Louisville, Kentucky area. The Russian-bride learning curve teaches us (and sometimes woefully), that your direct contacts without the "safety net" of a full-service agency can result in leaving you disillusioned, mislead, and at times bewildered. Our staff can provide you with strong positive feedback and notice of important red-flags that might (for you) have gone otherwise unnoticed.

The web site at offers customers a full accounting of all monies ever spent with the company: transaction-by-transaction. Financial Responsibility: Honest, Accurate Record Keeping & Accounting
We believe that our clients should have 24-hour access to the details of each and every transaction conducted through our site. Simply LOGIN to your account and click-thru the “Review My Account” button for immediate details.


"We suggest to you that A Volga Girl does possess all of the important factors that constitute an efficient, full-service agency."




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