Now clients at A Volga Girl have the ability to use our email express forwarding service to all of Russia.A Volga Girl's
Email Express To
All Of Russia

Specifically designed for out-of-network ladies


A Volga Girl is pleased to offer personalized email accounts specifically designed for EMAIL CORRESPONDENCE WITH LADIES THAT DO NOT APPEAR ON THIS SITE and reside anywhere in Russia. Our offices are located in Togliatti, in the heart of central Russia.

Your special Russian girl does not have to be profiled in our gallery of over 2400 mail order brides.Clients are also provided the opportunity to upload and send color photos of your choice.

A common dilemma once an address is purchased is not always, "What is the most efficient way to correspond?", but rather, "How will I correspond without sending my letters airmail all the way to Russia?"

The worlds largest country, Russia spans 6 time-zones. And as important as how you will send your messages is the accuracy and efficiency of the language translations when necessary.


All letters requiring translation are delivered in either Russian & English, German or French, complete with instructions detailing response procedures. Optional Certified Mail feature to insure delivery once your letter is handled and then mailed to it's final destination. If your lady has an email address, then sending your translated letter in Russian to it's final destination is no problem.

Russia is the largest country by area in the world. using a reliable email express service be can be the key to finding a suitable Russian wife.

A Volga Girl's Russian staff are all University degreed and Certified Translators. MEET OUR STAFF and feel assured that your messages are handled with care & confidence.

A close examination of our EMAIL & LANGUAGE TRANSLATION PACKAGES can result in substantial savings over a period of time. Remember that language translations are the single greatest expense when it comes to foreign correspondence.

A Volga Girl  is a Kentucky (USA) based company with a registered representative office within The Russian Federation. Few American-based sites actually operate a RUSSIAN OFFICE ... and even fewer officially register with the Russian authorities. This company is in 100% compliance with Russian legal standards.

Our proven track-record includes numerous engagements and an ever-increasing number of marriages. We are an efficient firm employing both a high-caliber Russian staff and an engineered operational database that makes corresponding easier than ever.

A Volga Girl also offers excellent language translation services in your search for your Russian mail order bride. American ownership with Russian management, honesty, integrity and value, these are all advantages when conducting transaction with our company. A Volga Girl's Email Express To All Of Russia offers unmatched email and TOLL-FREE TELEPHONE SUPPORT within the continental United States.

While our courier-delivery of alcohol & flowers is impractical outside the City of Togliatti, we can in fact ship a wide array of modest yet thoughtful GIFTS to your special lady.

Once again; this service is available to all clients regardless of whether or not the ladies with which you choose to correspond are profiled on this site.

Creating a User Name and Password is quite simple, and is required by our database to assign you an identity & allow you to conduct all transactions.


We suggest that you follow the link HOW BEST TO UTILIZE OUR SITE. Many questions about the use and operation of our EMAIL EXPRESS TO ALL OF RUSSIA service will therein be answered. REGISTER HERE


"I look forward to working with you."


David L. Knabel
"A Volga Girl"


Many client couples are exchanging letters on a more frequent basis thanks to the reliable service provided email express service at mail order bride site A Volga Girl.

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