Whether you are brand new to the world of foreign correspondence, or have some previous experience -- we offer the following fundamental suggestions ...

Clients Experiencing Initial Success
Have Followed These Guidelines:

    1. Begin by selecting a number of Russian women that interest you from our Main Photo Gallery. Our search engine can be quite helpful in narrowing your preferred criteria. The Russian women profiled herein are generally quite sincere in their desire to build an enduring relationship. They are quite adept at judging character and frequently hold in high regard substance of character over age. Therefore, you may choose ladies that are younger than you are. We encourage you to follow your dreams and desires, but at the same time we encourage all of our male clients to be realistic in their expectations & to expect a disappointment or two when corresponding with ladies that are 20 years their junior. Russian women are wonderful, but keep in mind that "people are people." By the 2nd or 3rd round of letters you will have narrowed your initial choices by half. This is a common occurrence.

    A Volga Girl does not screen applicants based upon their beauty. Many of the mail order brides profiled here have yet to receive any correspondence, though their sincerity and desire to find a lifetime partner is no more or no less than is yours to find that special someone. These potential Russian brides are not models, but rather they are sincere women in search of some emotional & financial stability for their lives. When any of these Russian women mention "financial security" in their profile statements, they are frequently referring to finding & building a lasting relationship with a man who can pay his bills & have some degree of expendable income left over.

    2. Take care in comprising a letter of introduction by providing necessary & interesting biographical information about yourself. Express any common interests that you might have, and by all means be upbeat and positive. We highly suggest that you initially steer clear of details about past relationships. Revealing such information in the initial stages of your new relationships is inappropriate and will not leave a favorable impression.

    3. Send photos of yourself along with your letter of introduction to all potential Russian brides. While a particular lady may appear to have much in common, the primary aspect involved in address selection is based upon your visual impression. It is not realistic to expect these women to respond as favorably as they might when they have no initial visual impression with whom they are corresponding.

    4. We suggest that you translate letters for Russian women self-reporting a Level 3, 2, 1, or 0 English language proficiency. Levels 4 and 5 (based upon our rating scale) have reported being fluent speakers & can most probably correspond without the use of written language translation services.

    5. Strongly consider utilizing our e-mail forwarding service.



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